The present work presents as objetivogeral, to analyze the urban environment of the small cities, being taken comoobjeto of study the city of Stream of Santana Bahia. Nessesentido, was possible to relate the ambient problems eats problematic socioeconmica atravsde studies on the historical process/geogrficode occupation of the city. The scene ondese developed the field research, showed palco deinformaes on eeconmicas social inaqualities e, with this, of concentraode ambient problems for provoked them. In the age daglobalizao, the urban environment of the pequenoscentros also feels the consequences daexcluso and of the lack of chances that the menosfavorecidos ones suffer. The absence of polticaspblicas in the small cities is still umacaracterstica marcante. If for one> side, centers are nosgrandes that more concentrate the problems relacionados infrastructure, public services ebaixa of quality of life, in general, for another one, are nessescentros that if concentrate the majority of the investments nadireo to equate such problems, as much noque if it relates the initiative public as private.

However, as they disclose the data gotten in the research, in the cities emque the development is estagnado, these investimentospraticamente inexist, and the omission of the poderpblico ahead of the partner-ambient problems, especially as for the less privileged spaces where they inhabit asclasses, finishes for if materializing as umtrao marcante in the urban landscape. Word-key: Urban environment, ambient problems, globalization. INTRODUCTION Understands for environment the result of influences social, economic, natural and cultural politics, that interact in one definitive territory to produce and to organize the geographic space. In this direction, the production way constitutes an important factor for the organization of the space and, consequentemente, for the environment. In virtue of the great vulnerability that the society most devoid lives deeply with the absence of a healthful environment, it is observed that the one is exactly this social classroom that more suffers with the related problems to the health, education, habitation, leisure, sanitation amongst other basic factors for the human development.