Thus, my path leads me to appearances repeatedly in these familiar areas. At the beginning of 2009 I was the successful MDR-TV-Gala “Music for you” and hostess Uta Bresan with many famous guests on a big tour. 35 years stage, with “tell her also” a hit that made pop history and now the nationwide success. Gerd Christian what wishes for the future? All advanced health and strength, to be able to go on this way for many years. I put me together with my long-time authors & producer team Andreas gangsta & Heike Fransecky small goals and am about new challenges. From my former Popluaritat was initially little to feel, so we started in these regions almost from scratch in the old Lander. Many people here looked while Western television East times what stars such as Michael Holm, Roland Kaiser, Bernd Cluver gave a high degree of popularity, etc earlier in both parts of Germany.

Our pop history was much unknown in comparison in the old Lander. Moody’s Corp : the source for more info. You need to know that, and there one can blame anyone. I am a very modern man and see any period of my career in their time. Of course I’m especially about invitations in the ZDF channels with Marianne & Michael or about 3 great performances at the popular “pop star”parades 2008 this insanely great backdrop. I think with the diligence and the publishing continuity, we have shown in the last 9 years, I can me easily again recommend the editors and my audience and show that I have stayed musically never. This way requires patience and a certain amount of curiosity. But – I still have a whole lot even after 36 years presence on stage -.

Does Gerd Christian still time for hobbies? Well, sure. My hobbies are a great balance to the music and the hustle and bustle that is sometimes associated with the banche. I photograph love. Also, I am an absolute fan of the Greyhound breed Borzoi. Before I’ve even bred dogs, but this is missing the possibility of me today unfortunately. The first success single from their new album “the own face is called”when you get older”. Are you afraid of aging? At the moment, I have no time, to make me worried. But the topic is very authentic, and I deal of course now and again as anyone else. I think all ages its advantages and disadvantages. You must simply make the best of it. I enjoy every day, try to live healthily and am delighted to be able to stand still and above all always successful on the stage. Many of my fans have grown older together over the years with me, have accompanied my way. Some talk on it, we talk about old times… I for my part will certified with increasing age and am incredibly grateful for the exciting and successful years. Because I’m surrounded in my team mainly by younger people, I could grow all over again in the present requirements of my profession. This is all something other than at the beginning of my career 36 years ago. But it is still capable of learning even in the age and gaining experience every day if you want it for. I dreamed 10 years ago probably also not, even one’s own website, to discuss a new song using Skype or to pick up emails three times a day. But this is, and before you can is also not close if you want to stay on the ball. Source: Pipmatz websites: gerdchristianmusik