In western Europe, surprise canned or vacuum packed vegetables nobody possible, these products have appeared on the shelves of European shops back in the 70’s of last century. At the same time store reach six months and apply technology preconditioning vegetables are harmless to human health. In the mid-’80s was an attempt to introduction of European technology evacuation of vegetables in the ussr. However, the stumbling block was the multi-layer film for vacuum packaging. Technology to produce such a film western companies kept secret and offered a ready-made film on the transfer under the state order. At this stage projects for evacuation of vegetables in the Soviet Union stalled.

Today in Russia a few plants produce the proper film and this the problem is removed. But still having problems with technology. In the majority of Russian enterprises use technologies and recipes developed during Soviet times. In the ussr, peeled vegetables were engaged in long-term storage canneries, their products are focused on supplies for the army, navy and the regions of the Far North. Most of these canneries were in the territory of the Republic of potato, now an independent Belarus. Development of technologies for preserving vegetables and potatoes by specialists of the Minsk ngo Beltehnoprod. Just mills cooperative industry produced sulfitirovannye sodium bisulfite vegetables, with shelf life of up to 24 hours outdoors, vegetables shipped in factory canteens, food factories.

With minor modifications, our businesses, today, for the production of vacuum packaged vegetables used technological instructions, developed in Soviet times for the psc. In Western countries, there are several alternative technologies for the preparation of vegetables and vacuum packaging. Shall not describe the standard operations calibration, removal of stones, cleaning, cleaning, additional cleaning and slicing vegetables, because the most interesting things happen after the vacuum packaging of raw, peeled, not treated with any solutions vegetables. Already packaged vegetables served the operation blanching, ie steaming, the design of the device allows blanch vegetables in containers at different modes with a change in atmospheric pressure and temperature steam. Blanching time of 40 to 60 minutes. Process rather complicated and the equipment is designed for better performance. Another method involves a preliminary antibacterial and antifungal treatment of vegetables, packaging, metallized multilayer packaging and pre-cooked vegetables. There are methods of packaging with an inert gas, etc. As for one, and at some other method of treatment, there is one feature – packed vegetables are soft and slightly slippery, giving the impression of not quite fresh product. Accordingly, domestic consumers may not like it. Nowadays in Russia is only one, harmless to health, the method pretreatment of vegetables. This is a very weak solution of the composition of food acids, antioxidants and vitamins. The technology was developed by the Belarusian enterprise “Mlechas” (which, incidentally, produces similar European line of vegetables, including the preparations for the vacuum packaging) for a company near Moscow “Agrostandart, producer of vegetable vacuum packed, semi-fortified for school meals. By and large packaged under vacuum vegetables now highly profitable, high demand product. In supermarkets, the party evacuated vegetables are not delayed more than 3-4 days. Housewife convenient to use peeled vegetables for cooking home meals (for vacuum packaging comes only selection of vegetables, which is associated with the desire of producers to get away from manual labor). Catering, restaurants, cooking with pleasure to use this product for their purposes. But we must not forget about the people, businesses must strive to make their product as safe for health, especially as these technologies There are already applied at our facilities.