Without water of quality for the human consumption, nenhuns of these rights can be guaranteed. The PROLIFERATION OF ILLNESSES AND the NOT WELL-TAKEN CARE OF WATER For the same lack of awareness or for the extreme necessity, many inhabitants of the edges of the Aaizal Narrow river continue using the water contaminated in its domestic tasks, as we tell previously. However, this water use contaminated for 7 human and industrial dejections, has provoked a series of problems of health for part of the local inhabitants. Amongst the health problems that acometem the local population (to see table 1), the affection is the main one, therefore 66.6% of the interviewed inhabitants had affirmed that already they had been affected by it. The second illness that more affects the living mentioned ones is verminoses 51%, followed of illnesses of skin with 50%, belly aches with 33,3%, and diarrias and vomits with 30%.

Thus, we understand that these illnesses had had its origin in the deforestation of the ciliar vegetation, that in turn facilitated the assoreamento of the Aaizal Narrow river and Main illnesses that affect the people of the studied area 2004. Main illnesses Percentile of affected children Illnesses of pele* Belly aches 50.0% 33.3% Verminoses Diarrias Vomits Affection 51.0% 30.0% 30.0% 66.6% Source: Elaborated for Nilene Blacksmith C. Souza, on the basis of research of field carried through in April of 2004. * Micoses, itches, etc. the withdrawal of this vegetation for the construction of streets, houses, grass etc. also propitiated the canalization of the residential and industrial dejections for inside of the mentioned narrow river, contributing of this> way, for its assoreamento and the consequent dissemination of illnesses for the use or contact with the water contaminated for diverse types of transmitters of illnesses that afflict the local population. NEW RESEARCH AND OLD CONSTATAES Of this form, we decide to come back the field and to investigate the problematic one again that it afflicts the local inhabitants, as start to tell in the sequence.