Enterprise 2.0 and media asset management in addition to the already proven courses and seminars offers new academy seminar the web business. The Enterprise 2.0, enterprise search and media asset management seminars are particularly interesting. The web business academy offers in the type and composition of these seminars a Germany-wide unique range. The seminar deals with the use of social approaches and technologies in the Enterprise Enterprise 2.0. Core topics include, inter alia, the development of an Enterprise 2.0 strategy, design and development of enterprise portals, integration of business applications, eCollaboration management enterprise-wide knowledge management.

Enterprise Search seminar deals with the use of enterprise search engines and technologies in the enterprise. Core topics include, inter alia, the development of an enterprise search strategy, building and operating an enterprise search engine, planning and procurement of an enterprise search engine, as well as the implementation of knowledge management based on an enterprise search solution. The Seminar media asset management deals with the usage and application of Web – and media asset management systems (MAM/DAM)..