One of the things that are most needed to make money online is to have affiliate programs, offers and, very importantly, statistics. However, nothing is more important than having income. Depending on what use, likely have multiple scripts from various services which give you chance to win money, give you statistics of various types or decorate your room. At Vanguard Group you will find additional information. Although this is important, many are excited with that and fill your site or blog plug-ins, scripts and various ornaments that can affect the performance quite significantly. There are two problems, both serious: the experience of the user and penalties from search engines. In this last should highlight to Google, which alerts the speed of loading to be taken into account (as usual, doesn’t say how or how much) in one of their changes. The simplest way of seeing how much affect you is entering your site. If it takes a long time to load from the point of view of the user, care.

By this I mean to load images, widgets and anything that prevents you from using the site. What is load in the background as it is not so serious. Another is to use Google’s Webmaster Tools. There upload speeds will appear and you can clearly see when your site is very slow. If you’re in this situation, must be corrected immediately: do you use free hosting? One way to start is to use many free hosting sites to lower your costs. However, these sites share their resources between accounts free and he is clearly noticeable when you start to receive traffic.

If you really want to do this seriously, I recommend widely that you change to a hosting seriously. Not dupliques statistics. Google Analytics gives you so much information until you get lost in it. Also the Webmaster Tools. However, these statistics are usually available the next day, so sometimes you put another script that you statistics in real time.