The problem is that nobody knows exactly where it will go the United States economy. Chief investment strategist at Wells Capital Management believes that the economy is in full recovery. Other large investors believes the economy is abut the side of fear. Some overall investment as Jordan and Jerry are buying shares of companies that play in a good way if the market deteriorates again. The investor who is the creator of the Jordan Opportunity Fund of $ 118 million is not optimistic about the global economy.

Referring to the U.S. economy he considers a very difficult immediate recovery and believes that a new recession will rise due to the serious problems is having the manufacturing sector. Then there are the investors group called “New Standard l” still very optimistic that believe that the economy would grow slowly and lows. Now I want to leave some actions as analysis can play in this economic and financial world. Recession Returns The picture is very complicated showing unemployment rates remain high, with a fiscal deficit is growing every day more and with consumers who are increasing their debts. Here are some details that are causing a recession. A good investment in times of recession are large companies that sell goods throughout the world and does not require great revival of the economy to make money. Goldcorp (GG) If you believe the country is threatened by inflation, then buy gold and if they believe the country will be plunged into deflation Also do buy gold.