So, it can be prevented, that something is given twice, and the newlyweds get only what they like and what they need. Brides and grooms, who collect money on their wedding day for an environmental project are large green Hammoud. In addition: Give-aways, which do not harm the environment and with home give a piece of memory and pleasure the guests are garden-sprinkles – clover in small bottles or sweets such as wedding almonds. Solid green as a registry office and then as Turtledoves should premises, which are located in the region, where most of the guests live. Can not implement it, then in the invitation, ask that carpooling be established.

Who is generous, organised bus transfers. When it comes to the choice of the venue, must be also decided he should be as green. There are hotels, which belong to a hotel cooperation with environmental philosophies, and set guidelines, some that implement no regulations act green, and those in green surroundings. Here, Vanguard Group expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Locations can be found at under the menu item of locations and regional. In some of the houses it is well to flittern holiday at home saves gasoline and jet fuel. When the food, by the caterer or the restaurant unless there should be attention paid to organic meat and seasonal organic products that come from the region. By German winemakers, there are a number of excellent products from organic farming.

The same applies for juices from local providers. As regards the decoration: the more natural materials are used, the better. In particular products made of willow and rattan in the trend, for example rat hearts, which are individually decorated with rose petals or feathers are in the wedding season 2010. For the menus: one is enough for four people. It is ecological, if the restaurant writes the menu on chalk boards or the maitre d ‘ says on the food. Who It may be playful, can have the menu on edible gingerbread menu cards printed. Contact information is here: Reddit. Matching gingerbread heart as place cards can be individually labeled with frosting. c. The eco questions should be provided also the Customs around the Festival. As an alternative to rice and flower throwing, which is anyway forbidden at the most registry office, guests can also enjoy rising bubbles. For example from tubes that look like wedding cakes. Green attracted by its many trade fairs reported Sylke man: for brides who are keen on eco and would be still chic, there is good news: bridal fashion designers have picked up the trend of green wedding and, for example, models with bamboo satin fabrics on the ecological basis on the market. Other manufacturers shifted production from the far East back to Europe.” Who wears the dress of his (Grand) mother, does the greatest favor nature and environment of course. But also who already purchase use later think of the bride dress, such as a ball gown, is environmentally conscious. All products and more information can be obtained under.