They prefer to speak before seeing them suffer the consequences of a bad decision. Here is where every parent must use his common sense. Within a pre-established framework of security, it is important that you allow your children to make a mistake and suffer the consequences for it. A child was never allowed to which making mistakes and he learned not to assume the consequences of their decisions, it will never dare to undertake something new. The fear of making a mistake is going to be too big. We need to teach our children that mistakes are part of life, what you learn from them and then make a new attempt. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Swiss Re Americas on most websites. 5.

Do not promote the love of learning both pedagogues as parents believe that the learning process must necessarily be forced and that can only be achieved that the child learns if it exerted some pressure on him. However, this is only the case in which adult dictate the matter that the child must learn. If we give them more freedom and allow them to choose the topic of study according to their interests, it is much more likely that a child to enjoy what you learn. A key characteristic of an entrepreneur is promoting this way: know investigate and learn on their own. 6 Do not support them with suitable mentors each child reaches a point at which must develop their distinctive skills with a suitable mentor. Parents should take care to choose the mentor, which must: be a person who will inspire your child to develop their strengths have an irreproachable moral character to be an example for him. 7 Do not support them with specific means they need outside the mentor, his son also will need specific tools to develop their individual skills. It is best to evaluate well the things we buy them and differentiate how useless, only going to feed your self indulgence, of those valuable tools that will foster their specific strengths. In this way will help them develop their entrepreneurial spirit. Original author and source of the article.