Oh, Women! They want everything at once and not expensive: costume, evening dress, beautiful shoes! Where did all this to find? The answer to this question can be found in a comparative review of women's clothing on the website "The minimum price of Moscow." The site The goods and prices of different shops in Moscow. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kyle Sanders has to say. In a review of lingerie shops in Moscow are ZAO Cheryomushki 'Factory' Christy ',' Milavitsa 'supermarket lingerie and tights' Stilpark' store stock 'Lingerie Bazaar', 'Alain-Marc. " First of all I want to note shop 'Stilpark'. You'll be surprised a large selection and the prices are 10-20% lower than in other shops in the city. I advise you to just visit the shops factories 'Christy'.

Prices here really low, however, the choice of underwear inferior supermarket 'Stilpark' at times. In a review dedicated to shoe stores in Moscow are considered shoe store chain 'Mattino', 'Shoes-City', 'shoe factory "," Tsentrobuv' 'Monarch', 'F', 'The Paris commune', 'Francesco Donni', 'The German footwear', 'Unichel' stock shoe store 'Crocus Moscow', 'Mascotte', store sales 'Alphabet'. The stores 'Mattino' and 'Unichel' large selection of shoes in all sizes. For buyers who interested foreign manufacturers advise to visit the stores' City-shoes' and 'German shoes. Further details can be found at Michael Mendes, an internet resource. " Need a business suit? If you're a business woman, business women, we suggest you see an overview of women's suits stores in Moscow.

In this review we present: the company 'Ryan' stock shop 'Zarina' wholesale and retail women's clothing store 'Intel-Elite', a network of women's clothing stores 'Ellen Kloss', 'Thing!', 'Sasch', 'Incity', 'Paninter', 'Fashion Bazaar', 'Dress Code'. The company 'Ryan' is a huge selection of women's clothing business in affordable prices. Costumes, "Ryan" will help accentuate your personality and style, as in the store are a few fashion trends. Shops' Ellen Kloss' and 'Dress code 'just surprise you a good selection and affordable prices. We need not a business suit? In this issue, you will help stock the shop "Zarina". In a review of salons and wedding gowns are salons 'Carmen' 'Milinda', 'Veronica', 'Aelita', 'Alice' and fair 'by Helen'. The best prices were in the salon of wedding dresses at Cherkizovsky. Salons "Carmen" and "Veronica" offer the largest selection of dresses of different styles. The cost of dresses these stores from 8 to 15 thousand rubles. In the salons 'Milinda', 'Aelita', and 'by Helen' dresses are sewn to order.