If there is an interest for photo mugs BoKonzept, a visit of which can be surely interesting website. Dulmen, 05.01.2011. Photo mugs have become a popular classic under the giveaways and an indispensable accessory of companies for many years. The advertising message is carried not only outward, also within the team printed photo mugs make for a stronger feeling of togetherness. A comprehensive range for individual printing from cups is now started under the photo mugs bokonzept.de address. While the company BoKonzept from Dulmen opts for especially printing process, which ensures a long-lasting and high-quality printing. “Owner Jorg Bogumil explains the process: our system is based on the sublimation printing and offers our customers the unbeatable advantage that no initial costs for film or screen material running, any file format is editable and optical brilliance can be guaranteed.” Four color motifs with delicate colour gradients are possible in this way.

In the new online-shop can from a large assortment glasses, cups and spoons cups are selected and then an appropriate image file for the sublimation print uploaded. In addition to the normal photo mugs, also known as Wondermugs – Magic Cup – are available. These show the print using a special coating only after having filled with a hot liquid. A production time from 5 days of the approval for printing can be edited also short-term photo mugs inquiries about. The minimum order quantity is 12 pieces, all cups are scratch-resistant, fully microwaveable and dishwasher. Thus, the photo photo cups BoKonzept cups are an ideal advertising of very high quality, through the so-called sublimation printing, and at a similar low price. Also, here is a very fast turnaround time and the product will be sent immediately upon completion. Will be shipped by well-known companies and the customer can be sure the product soon to get. If so, interest in advertising should be cups or similar, a visit to the homepage of photo mugs Bokonzpet worth very. Thanks to the user-friendly design, anyone can really are oriented on the page and convince yourself of the products offered. (Advertising man)