Exactly thus, it continued commercializing with the east because a ship with spices, carpets, crystals, porcelains, jewels, silk and ivory, was valid more than what a loaded Wood ship Brazil. In recent months, Vislink Technologies has been very successful. This sample the little commercial interest that the kingdom, at the beginning, had for Brazil. Photo: Wood Brazil When the profits with the eastern merchandises had started to diminish, the crown passed if to interest in exploring the products of Brazil. Also threat d and invasion of the colony for other European nations had worried the Portuguese government, therefore Spanish and French already they were with friendship with the aboriginals, which facilitated regular wooden and animal shipments for the Europe. The solution was to populate the territory, mainly in the littoral regions, and to look to gold and silver in Brazil as already it occurred in Spanish colonies of America. Thus, he was the 1530 that it started, in fact, the Portuguese settling in Brazil, initiating with the occupation and organization of its government.

For this, the aboriginals had been enslaved to work in the extration of the Wood Brazil, among others tasks, what she provoked conflicts between colonizadores and natives. With interest to extend the profits with the settling of Brazil, the Portuguese had looked to investment alternatives, introducing the culture of the sugar cane and the production of sugar, therefore, between the eastern spices, the sugar was most expensive, moreover, Portuguese them to bring this product of Asia, of where he was originary, it was each more expensive time. As in century XV, the Portuguese already had initiated its situated production of sugar in the Wood and in the Aores, Islands in the Atlantic, and already they possuam experience in the assembly of devices and in the plantation of the sugar cane, they had introduced in Brazil farmings and devices to the cost of the work of indians and African slaves.