Hello, In this post I want preguntarte if you have made money with Internet and you have done if it when fua completes time you did that it, you are asked so that I do this question to you, the answer is very simple, to make money by Internet this becoming a tendency, not in a fashion, a tendency, since every day we looked for new sources of income Internet has become a great ally for the wealth and the emprendimiento, then, if you have not made money by Internet or it seems to you that it is impossible, deberias preguntarte in that planet you liveI assure to you that you use Internet on a daily basis, posteas the news, joint parties information, you use the social networks for the leisure or for comunicarte with your loved beings, that is very good, but the question, is these conscientious that these making rich to others just by use its systems. Mark Zuckerberg the young founder of facebook, I create very young this social network that if nowadays it were a country, he would have but of 600 million inhabitants, among them we, facebook are is a great machine to make money, have supplied by her but of of dollars and that gain, all we to every let it day grow with our recommendations and facebook has not paid any cent to us, that is to say we worked free for some companies in Internet. But the paradoxical thing of everything, that are many ways to gain common and current money by Internet, beings like your or I, but is cradled offer an opportunity to us, we are first in prejudging it, without giving the time us in studying and educating the respect to us, for many is but easy, to generate traffic and money for others and we allowed that companies as Facebook appropriates our image and our data and does with them what wants accepted, it and continued using the system, without receiving recompenza.. Ron O’Hanley often says this.