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We go to devagar. exaggerated optimism can take the new disillusionments history. a mention to the fact in presidential speech even though is programmed. the current Selic, of 11,25%, already was practised by five months between 2007 end and beginning of 2008, before a new scaling of the interests when the international prices of commodities were in high and threatened the inflation. Impact of the fall of the SELICPara to increase the expectation, to follow we elencamos the impacts of the tax of interests: – in the economic activity: in thesis, the interests lowest can stimulate the level of production for two ways (selling at a loss the consumption and the new investments), but in the current situation of crisis do not advance to reduce the cost of the money if the banks resist in loaning and the people and companies resist in taking loaned. – in the inflation: lower interests also can be a risk to the inflation at moments where the demand is very warm, what it is not the current case; in contrast, some indices of prices in the attacked one already point deflation and indicate that recess exists to fulfill the goal of inflation of 4,5% not only in 2009 as 2010.

– in the exchange tax: if the tax of interests in Brazil is kept well higher of what in the remaining portion of the world, this stimulates the foreign investors to apply its dollar in our Country, mainly in headings of the public debt. The dollar entrance helps to close the external accounts, but also it can pressure the Real if disproportionately value in relation to the dollar, creating new problems for the exporters. – in the fiscal balance: more than the half of the headings of the public debt is atrelados to the Selic tax defined for the Central banking; that is, the more low the Selic, minor are the cost that the paid government for its debt. If the cost is lower, the government can keep its balanced debt exactly reducing its primary surplus (economy for payment of interests), as announced recently. – in the saving: if the tax of interests to fall below of 10%, the net income of the deep ones of fixed income kept by the banks could be lesser of what of matching-fund saving account, that is equivalent 0.5% to the month more variation of the TR. Currently, the saving is relieving about 7,3% to the year. – in the macroeconomic stability: the reduction of the Selic in Brazil can create in the financial market an environment favorable to a reduction permanent (and not only transitory) of the interests, what it would approach the cost of the money in Brazil of that one practised in the developed one. Bibliography: Magazine That is Money, edition 603 of 29 of April of 2009Jornal the State of So Paulo of 26 of April of 2009

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Thus the most possible creation desregionalizava at the same time that a national and geographic ethnic concept obtained the merit to conceive Brazil literarily as homogeneous entity =. (LOPEZ, 1974, P. 89). It indicated the importance given for it to the necessity well to use itself says Brazilian to it in cultured level to consolidate the conquests to happen of this desregionalizao. For this citation its idea of that, to be Brazilian, would be to reach, for the ways of the unit, proportionate can be understood in the idea in addition of the man limited for geographic borders, a personality universalizada through language spoken, of vulgarisms regional, by means of which, searched carefully language of the written language would be identified by intermediary of the literary language Not it that advances the turtle steps, but of it speaks common day to day that are malleable and rich being, at the same time of one and all. 13 It is concluded from there that it hears a search of this unit, leaving of the parts to create all, for the legends that if occur.

Therefore, beyond describing myths, it, in an immense irony invents, them as, for example, when the holy ghost of the creation in the myth of the legend of the automobile invests of the power; Andrade (2000, P. 124) ‘ ‘ – Knot time of Dante, young men, the automobile was not machine that nor today not, was medium brown ounce. If called Palau’ ‘ , or of the origin of the carrapato; Andrade; (2000, P. 121) ‘ ‘ carrapato already was people that nor we one made’ ‘.

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Hessian Championship

Beach flag as the season change orientation when the ultra marathon relay race the Marathon Relay runners the season not continue with sport club Marburg thus than foreseen and the half marathoners do not inadvertently become marathon runners, has fitted the ultra sport club Marburg with Beachflags of EasyShare display GmbH. With the new purchases, these important points are made apparent the Beachflags. Until now were at the night marathon in Marburg, Germany, which hosted the ultra sport club Marburg was again this year. The nonprofit Club ultra sport club Marburg offers its members to drive the way sports in running and triathlon. The cycling Department is new since beginning of 2012. The triathletes and Duathletes had to Dodge previously for these sports to other clubs, if they wanted to participate in royalty race at cycling events. Otherwise, only the variant of the cyclosport-race remained them to compete with others. But that’s over now! Now there is the possibility of also using the ultra sport Club to obtain a license from the Federal of German cyclists Marburg.

The members of the ultra sport club Marburg participate in various sporting events. There were some earlier this year at the Hessian Championship in Duathlon, the Kassel Marathon as well as the Lahn Valley run organised by them even at the start. Is striking at the different events that the athletes of the Club of the competitions again and again in the top third be found whether it’s male or female, and no matter in what age group. Among other things, the once weekly running serves as preparation for their participation in national races and competitions. Guests are also welcome to here! The only requirement is that anyone who wants to participate in the running, should be able to be able to run one hour at a time.

The speed depends on the participating runners. Like every year, the annual night marathon took place on the 29.06. As otherwise, which launched the ultra sport club Marburg aligned Marathon most Friday night on the historic market square in Marburg. Approximately 1500 athletes have participated in the categories of half-marathon, Marathon and Marathon Relay. The night marathon was also in this year again to full success. The ultra sport club Marburg, had so that any runner could find its way, offers asking providers in advance online at the various beach flag. Points could the EasyShare display GmbH here, because no one else was able to offer a double-sided printing of a beach flag for a comparable price. For the ultra sport club Marburg was the additional advantage that it is possible to order not the whole system, but simply a pressure for the easy SailBanner if necessary. The beach flag of EasyShare display GmbH is a sustainable investment for the Club, which is very versatile. Each of the Beachflags ordered so far has a special task the ultra sport club Marburg. On the one hand, they advertise for the Club, on the other hand, they show the athletes, where is the info-point, the relay Exchange of Are Marathon Relay and the turning point in the half-marathon. Thus, every athlete can focus well on the beach flag. Wish for the other competitions we sportsmen of the ultra sport club Marburg much strength and stamina, and the Club in the coming year on the 5th of July again much fun when you perform the next night marathon in Marburg!

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Imported Sales

Probably, an association of positive factors, the example of the good moment of the Brazilian economy; favorable quotation of the dollar, last month of full benefit of the IPI, new models being launched and the proper industry trying to this way dispose cars that are not having good exit in its native countries, in function of international the financial crisis. These had been some factors that had contributed so that the sales of imported, in September, reached the incredible growth of 25,1%. This sector is so warm that some models have queue, something unimaginable in Brazil in recent years. But, they had not been only the mattered ones that they had had bold performance. The sales of national cars had also registered, in September, the enviable growth of cotejado 21,7% if with the previous month. In the last month with full benefit of the IPI, the sales of national and imported autoveculos they had reached the platform of 308,7 a thousand units, having established new record of sales in Brazil.

The market of autoveculos in Brazil must continue growing. It can until being that some unexpected one affects the performance of the sales. However, it this way has much space for growth of the fleet. Currently, in the country, only one in each six people possess car. In the United States, for example, this tax is below of two, that is, in each four inhabitants three possess car. Moreover, with mega investments to prepare the country for the Pantry of the World, Pantry of the Confederations, Olimpadas etc, the movement with tourism will increase substantially, some landlords will be inaugurated and the ones that already exist will probably go to invest in magnifying of the fleets.

Moreover, new competitors and models of cars will arrive, contributing for the increase of the sales of autoveculos, in the next years, Brazil. But, who still did not change of car and intends to make it, is good for knowing that this still is a good moment, therefore has many tempting promotions. It thinks about this and excellent week. For: Evaldo Coast, Director of the Institute of Alavancando resulted through the management of the quality , As To guarantee Three Extra Sales Per Day and co-author of the Giant book of the Sales

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Antisymmetrical Information

Much of ' ' empoamento' ' of the liquidity in the banks currently, it finds support technician in a theory that comes gaining force between the economic thinkers: the theory of the anti-symmetrical information. The evil that comes acometendo bankers of everybody is the reduction of its appetite for decurrent risk of the difficulty to find information enough that they can separate good and bad payers. In function of its present time, this article if considers to present the Theory of the Anti-symmetrical Information, identifying the problems that can be followed in different markets, due to difference of existing information enters two related parts in a economic transaction. In the economic theory in a general way it is assumed that the economic agents are cliente of all the characteristics of the goods and services that are acquired. However, frequently the markets are marked by the presence of asymmetry of information, that is, it is impossible to an individual to determine the quality of a good before the same being acquired or similar, very custoso form to monitor the behavior of an agent. As Stiglitz (2000) the recognition that (i) the information is imperfect, (II) that the information attainment can be custosa, (III) that the assimetrias of information are important, (IV) that the extension of this asymmetry is affected by the actions of the firms and of the individuals, had a deep implication in economic science and has supplied concrete explanations social and economic phenomena that of another form would be more difficult to be understood.

Stiglitz still argues that the economy of the information has direct and indirectly a deep effect in as if thinks economy nowadays. For Stiglitz the main change with the economy of the information was the recognition of that the information was basically different of others ' ' commodities' '. For it the central question is as to appropriate the returns of the investment in information and knowledge.

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Body Image

The adolescent one starts to have a relation with the compromised body, therefore the inherent unreliability to would histeria places in check the legitimacy of the ticket to the woman condition, especially because the mother is common to continue to see the children adolescent as children and to treat them as such. The look of the mother finishes for bringing intense discomfort and the refusal to the food reflects the refusal to the familiar dynamics that if tries to impose. As food and affection if permeiam in the unconscious one, that one if becomes efficient instrument of repudiation the position materna. The anorxica patient costuma to present you say of the type nothing has favour in my life, therefore nothing it is everything that it considers itself to receive, is everything who it has, become this nothing one object with which it interacts in all the segments of its life, also in the sexual sphere, therefore it starts to occupy with priority status in the libidinal economy of the citizen. Special care must have the analyst when verbalizar for the patient its diagnosis. The certainty of being anorxica can place it num place stanches to emascarar its particular relation with its symptom. It is exactly to break dessaparticularidade that if must investigate the relation of the anorxica with its desire. It is common to hear of the patients engaged in the treatment you say of the type ' ' I very wanted to feel desire, but not sinto' ' , what he is perfectly understandable, since it stole itself of its desires, he forbade themselves to have pleasure and he enjoys essentially in the lack, as is inherent to the histrica. What more it worries the analyst, in the case of the histrica anorexy, is that this lack surpasses the affection desire, therefore the patient acts in the body, in a self-destruction process.

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