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As the Contraceptive Pills Work? Hormonal the contraceptive pill was commercialized for the first time in the United States in the decade of 1960, and had a deep impact in the world. The contraceptive pills allow that the women can at any time have sexual activity during their menstrual cycle, without fear the pregnancy. Besides estrogens, the contraceptive pills contain progesterone, another feminine hormone that influences in the reproductive system. When it is taken according to the instructions, the majority of contraceptive pills has more of 90% of effectiveness in the body of the woman. The origins of contraceptive pills can be found in the experiments with rabbits in the decade of 1930, when the investigators discovered that the high doses of progesterone impedian the ovulation, which means that the ovules would not be present in the uterus to be fertilized by a spermatozoon.

In the decade of 1940, the scientists synthesized estrogen success as much and progesterone, abriendo the way to the contraceptive pill, that was developed and proven in the decade of 1950.anticonceptivos yasmin. In 1960, the Drug Administration and Foods approved the use of the pill for the American women. The human sexuality and the familiar planning with the help of contraceptive methods as the contraceptive ring and others have not been the same since then. Hormones in contraceptive pills are combined to prevent that the body releases an ovum. If an ovum is freed, the progesterone causes that it is difficult the ovule to travel by the tube of Fallopian tube, and also alters the coating of the uterus to prevent the implantation in the improbable case of the fertilization. In addition, that the cervical snot thickens in the progesterone, so that the spermatozoa have difficulties to sail. The estrogen combination and progesterone cause that the pregnancy is a true challenge, although are possibilities that it can happen.

The majority of users of the natural contraceptive methods and pill has realized of which the contraceptive tablets are of different colors, and that they are due to take in a specific order. This must to that the doses vary of week to week, in one week in fact are consumed pills of placebo without hormones, to allow to the organism mudar the coating of the uterus thickened in a menstrual period. It is very important that the contraceptive pills are taken in the same hour every day, and in the correct order: to never ask lent pills another person, since they cannot be the same pills that the own ones, and will send to a cycle bankrupt, where pondra in risk of a pregnancy to the woman. Whereas the contraceptive pills are excellent to prevent the pregnancy, they will not prevent the contagion of diseases of sexual transmission (ETS). In order to provide protection against the ETS and the prevention against the pregnancy you always reduce, them must be used during the sexual activity. The combined suitable use of condn, the contraceptive patch and the contraceptive tablets in great measurement will help to reduce the pregnancy risk and of preventing the infection with one or several potentially incurable ETS.

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European Recession

After opening in negative, the selective Frankfurt had achieved some gains in the early stages of negotiation but losses were imposed again in less than an hour for 10th consecutive day. The fall intensified in shortly on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, where the 30 companies that make up the DAX 30 lost around 25% of its value in these ten negotiations, a quarter. All values in the DAX 30, which brings together the largest German companies, fell with force. Asian markets fell but in a more moderate manner: the have Seng in Hong Kong closed 5.66% drop, the Nikkei in Tokyo closed with a decline of 1.68% and the general index of the Shanghai Stock Exchange is not infected falls in other Asian markets and concluded in tables (- 0.03%). The cause: panic to the recession the Spanish market recorded a first hour of negotiating very positive, with a bullish opening on nearly a half point and subsequent increases of nearly 2%, since investors bought enthusiastically encouraged by low prices resulting from the K2 that has stuck the Spanish stock market in recent days. However, the joy lasted little and barely an hour after opening, the main Spanish indicator changed sign and surrendered to the new wave of panic that crosses the markets by the possibility that EE UU come again into recession once the Agency S & P downgraded him his debt to AA rating +. For the director of Atlas Capital, Felix Lopez, fear of investors is noticeable especially in that in recent days not only is suffering the quotation of the financial sector but are falling industrial values such as the automobile, and when that happens the explanation is simple: the recession panic. For this expert, in these moments should be calm and return to the fundamentals of the companies, many of which are at really attractive prices which had launched on the market many investors in other circumstances.

Black Monday the IBEX 35 lost the last day the 2.44%, affected by the fall on Wall Street, as a reaction to the lowering of the credit rating of EE UU, which annulled the beneficial cto caused by the decision of the European Central Bank (ECB) of buy Spanish and Italian debt. Further meetings on the agenda of Tuesday highlighted the meeting of the Federal Reserve of United States at a critical moment for the country, after the impressive reduction of its debt by Standard & Poor s rating, which triggered panic on international markets about the possibility of a new recession at the first world economy. In addition, Washington will be published the second quarter productivity and labor cost data and European investors will know Germany’s June trade balance and the balance of trade and industrial production in the United Kingdom, also in June. Source of the news: fear is installed again on European stock markets and the FTSE recorded heavy losses

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Koch Treatment

The reason of the use of more than a medication against the same embryo is that the tax of resistance of the microorganism to this project trplice is low. The medicines act in different places, in synergic way. In the gestation case, the treatment does not have to be modified. Project RHZ with duration of six months must be carried through. Amongst the more frequent effect undesirable caused by medications against tuberculosis they are to nausea, vomits and abdominal pain. In these cases, the patient will have to communicate its doctor. Beyond the project of treatment RHZ, other projects exist (with other medication combinations) that they can be used in situations special or the cases of bankruptcy with the treatment of first line (preferential).

How it is prevented? For the good prevention, most important it is to detect and to treat all the bacilferos patients, that is, all those with the bacillus of Koch in the pulmes (sick). For this, a good public system of control of the illness is very important, to identify the sick people precociously, preventing that new cases appear. The sick person during the two first weeks of treatment can still infect other individuals. Therefore, he must protect the mouth with the hand when tossir or sneeze. Also he will have to look for not to be next, mainly in closed places, to the healthy people. These are well-taken care of simple so that the illness does not contaminate other individuals. Another important behavior is the control of the comunicantes.

Comunicantes is those people who have close contact with the sick person (they live in the same house, for example). These must be investigated by the medical assistant through requested examinations in the medical consultation. If it will be indicated, the comunicantes must initiate the quimioprofilaxia, a treatment made with isoniazida with intention to prevent the illness in the comunicantes.

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Advertising Spiral

It is denominated in this way to the passage of the product by the market. The same recognizes three stages: 1) of: a product (raw material more image) is in first stage, when the public not yet notices he needs that it. It is here where we must indicate to him that the same comes to fill a not satisfied necessity until then. It is the presentation, must overwhelm the espectativas with the possible consumer. 2) of: in this one second stage the announcement fulfills the purpose of standing out that this one product and not another one, fulfills the requirements better for which was created. That denomination must be done appealing to all the strategic resources whereupon it counts the publicity, or the 3 affirmation of consumers, guarantee, recognition, etc.) retentive or reminder: it is the last stage, when the consumer recognizes the product in the market he buys and it indeed and only he remains to remain with the proposal in the mind of the consumer. The passage of a stage to the other verifies, because in agreement with the attitude of the consumer, in agreement with the qualitative variations that demonstrate therefore a person who buys the first time very impulsively, soon verifies that the product fulfills the espectativas given by the advertising announcement and it becomes an effective rational buyer finally.

We must face the publicity as a medium action to and short term, for that reason prevails in many cases ” Re- lanzamiento” , to update the product, to arrive at positions and to take care of the requirements of the advertiser. Here a competitive stage with the new products prevails that have appeared. In first instance some questions consider to us about the product (who consumes the product? , which are the uses to which this product is lent? , which is the attitude of the distributors? , which is our proposal to the consumer? , etc.). With respect to the necessary data for an effective investigation we obtain, them by means of the other previous advertising campaign, data bank and mainly ” briefing” ; that it is the definition of the product, is the information it bases (that I want to sell, on that time and that amount). At the moment there are described companies that give functions of publicity and marketing like consulting equipment. The questionnaire that will take soon us to the survey elaborates using a scientific method based on two basic principles: the law of samples and similarity of masses; besides other principles that is to say: impartiality, relevance, comprabilidad. The questionnaire can become by telephone, mail or personally (this one last one offers major exactitude possibility.Here you will find like ” to create announcements comerciales” ; besides other sections in central page:Computation, Health, Sports, Painting, Languages and more, all articles of verified quality.

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De Janeiro River

Of this form, for it, the future does not exist, in way that does not obtain to exceed, is estagnado in one ' ' edge slida' ' , contemplating the transcendncia of the father. Its isolation of the world does not have liberating value the same that it had its father. Its third edge starts to be the souvenir of what it was: ' ' Shot for me, that, in what wanted, and in what it did not want, with to our only found me father: subject that played stops backwards mine pensamentos.' '. Exactly in the day where it had chance to change of place with the father, to occupy the place of the old one in canoinha, it lacked courage to it. Courage at last to exceed, to become Real what until then it is thoughts, investigations and memory. The fear of the release and made it to the stranger to withdraw, remaining itself in its lost solid reality and in thoughts of what it would have been.

it says: ' ' I am what it was not, what goes to be calado' '. The pardon order is, possibly, for the repentance of what it did not have courage of being: nor productive man, assuming its place in the society, nor man I free, as its father was. Although without courage of if delivering to the stranger, the narrator it knows that its place he was in the deepenings of the river, would only find fullness there, therefore it says: ' ' I know that now it is late, and fear to shorten with the life, in the evennesses of mundo.' ' (grifo ours). therefore asks for that, when dying, they deposit it in one canoinha they launch and it, river below, river measures, river adentro. CONCLUSIONS With the reading of the story of Pink Guimares can be perceived that the malleability found in the water served as conducting for the self-knowledge of the personages. The river became local ideal for the transcendncia of the father of the narrator, place this where it could contemplate its existence and its facts, having as company the solitude and silence.

Leaving itself to lead for the vagareza of the current water to know the deepening of its proper existence makes with that the son dedicates the life to contemplate the attitude of the father, but without courage enough to exceed. Its search is restricted to the past, the reasons of the father and what proper it could have been. But as to be what it is not understood? How to become equal without understanding the model? Had to as many doubts, the son is imprisoned in its ' ' reality slida' ' , without reaching in fact the release offered for the water. PINK BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES, Guimares. First Estrias. Rio De Janeiro: New Border, 1998. BACHELARD, Gaston. The water and the dreams.

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Maletas for notebook and/or laptop, also known as: Knapsack for Notebook, door notebook, folder notebook, layer notebook, has an objective that it goes beyond the simple protection of the device in itself. They also serve as excellent toast for spreading of any types of events, confraternizaes, logomarcas among others. The spreading of its company, through the print in one maleta for notebook, aid excessively in the personal marketing and/or the marketing of its company. To opt to this way of spreading, is an investment with guaranteed return! It sees the reasons: – Maleta notebook is confectioned in neoprene, of 3 mm of thickness, an impermeable material, has led, soft and cushions small impacts. It is the same material of the clothes of divers.

Being thus, she is washable and also hygienical. – The excellent quality of the material which is made maleta notebook adds importance and status to the mark printed in it. The Toast & It has taken, company specialized in products in neoprene, has a great variation of layers for notebook! It has access blog:. There you go to find some collections for all the types of public, since the infantile one until the adult. more: the Toast & It has led soon personalizes its in the folders for notebook. It requests its budget without commitment and it invests in you and its projects!

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Natural Way

We believe that the child, through the poetry, it transforms the word into toy and the dream in reality. Everything this in natural way, stimulating the taste and the pleasure for the act to read. Manuel Flag was born in Recife, in 1886, and faleceu in Rio De Janeiro, 1968. He was professor, poet, cronista, critic and literary historian. One is about a great modernista poet, wrote its poems with aesthetic quality.

It knew to conduct itself the child with the poetical word, granting to it treatment magical. The poet, when writing its poems, remembers its infancy, therefore at diverse moments he speaks of its life for the infantile public. Flag became capable of in them convincing all our devaneios and children and in accordance with deserves to be remembered the estimated ones to them of Alfredo Bosi: Reply to the present ingrate it is, in the mythical poetry, ressacralizao of the memory deepest of the community. when the mythology of traditional base imperfection, or some way already does not enter in this project of refusal, is always possible to investigate and to rummage the layers of psique individual. The poetry will work, then, the language of stressed infancy, the metaphor of the desire, the text of the unconscious one, the grafia of the dream: … The poetry recompe each time more arduously the magical universe that the new times renegam. (BOSI, 1977, p.150). Infancy discloses to the poet a magic, loaded world of joy, inspirer that recoups a lost time.

This infantile world in remembers the proper infancy to them of the poet, who lived its meninice in Recife. The Brazilian infantile poetry if initiated in century XIX and was become enlarged in the first years of century XX. It enters the Brazilians who at this time had written poetry for children, we can exemplificar Olavo Bilac. The instructive verses that composed its poetries, considered ‘ ‘ edificantes’ ‘ , in the direction to contribute to form citizens of good feelings, compromised to the educative task of the school.

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Context Professor

A phrase carried through for the same informing ' ' it is that literature does not have to be strabalhada in its function ldica' '. Affirming this it is possible to perceive to queapesar of oprofessor to know asfunes of literature, it does not obtain to mensurar its representation. Martins (2006.p.85) goes to make the following rank: He is necessary that the school extends more suasatividades, aiming at the literature reading as playful activity of construoe reconstitution of directions. … the professor would have to collate the pupil eats diversity of readings of the literary text, so that educating recognizes sensible queo not this in the text, but is constructed by the readers in interaction comos texts. Naverdade does not advance the professor if to accomodate ahead of the competition of the meioseletrnicos, of computer science and any other technological inventions. Dentroda classroom the space belongs to it, therefore the aresponsabilidade the same fits to always create strategies that despertem the attention of the pupil.

These must always be renewed since in the mesmice the professor loses it alunosem this to need to leave of the room. Ensinar a challenge that it demands to it well more than what an academic formation; the educator um perpetual student why he has a necessity of both the parts (of it and pupil deseu), that it if prepares, if brings up to date. The literary theory would be of grandeauxilio, but the reading of literary compositions will be able to awake in the prprioprofessor a new position. CONSIDERAESFINAIS a research with this would fococontribuiria in equal value the two parts: one to the researcher that in a next contatoto with object, given the nature of the research, got a huge experience; another one for the institution where if 2 secondary school of Acara. Although the sample> not to be so ample to erepresentar only the context of a school, we can verify that muitospontos related in this study if they make gift in the behavior of literaturacomo disciplines, for the investigated professionals.

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National Advice

It in such a way enters the objectives of the LDB as of the PCN, this to make possible conditions so that educating if it becomes active citizen of its proper knowledge, capable to develop its proper methodology and to construct its learning of significant form, become agent of transformation of the reality and surrounding it where it lives with full exercise of the citizenship. Another important instrument of the professionals of the education as well as of all society, is fruns of quarrels as CONAE (National Advice of Education) that it has as objective to argue the routes of the national education, opened to all the sectors of the society so that they can participate in the elaboration of a national plan of education. The instruments above do not characterize only the advances in the education system, but also the process of national democratization, pertaining the necessary requirements to the project of development of Brazil before the world-wide society and to so desired ' ' development sustentvel' '. The project of development of Brazil is non-separable of the project of advance of the national education, developed countries presents high indices of investment and pertaining to school efficiency, what evidence the necessity of urgent actions of the Brazilian society in reviewing the form as the question of the education is treated in the parents. So that if it becomes possible the project of improvement of the quality of education, one becomes necessary a reflection to the practical professor and its formation. The professor is the link enters the quality of education to the formation of the citizen, he does not have law that if wall lamp or instruments that if come to create that the professional of the education will have effectiveness if not to recognize as part of this project. For Libneo (1991: 47) the teaching work in full exercise of its profession is to establish its commitment with the society, which has the responsibility to prepare the pupils to become active and participant citizens in the society, for the work in the cultural, professional life and politics. . .

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Brazilian Language

In accordance with decree 5626/2005 disciplines, it of Pounds, while it disciplines curricular, starts to be obligator in licenciatura courses. still in accordance with the same decree, ' ' The institutions of superior education must include the Pounds as education object, searches and extension ' ' What it favors the use and diffusion of this language and compactua with a proposal of bilingual education and a project of pertaining to school and social inclusion. ASSERTIONS AND SEARCH OF THE DATA: Assertions – the majority of () the pupils () of the pedagogia course who already act not yet in the regular school had had contact with deaf pupils therefore many of these is not enclosed; – The use of the Brazilian Language of Signals if has given sporadical and most of the time between listeners; – () The pupils () of the pedagogia course see value the inclusion of discipline DPE 462, Brazilian Language of Signals, in the grating of the course for believing that when will have enclosed deaf pupils could be useful, but they recognize that a semester is not enough to learn and later to use of this language in the context of the classroom. In intention to deepen the studies on the considered subject, this project was developed and based on the boarding of qualiquantitativa research. The qualitative boarding, according to OLIVEIRA, (2010), makes possible to catch the phenomenon in all its extension, being raised possible existing 0 variable and in its interaction true the meaning of the question. Making possible the collection of information and examination of each case and the construction of a general theoretical picture. Already the quantitative research allows to establish relations of cause and effect, to measure and to examine hypotheses. Therefore the research in a qualiquantitativa boarding was presented as most appropriate to investigate and to understand the subject that considered. .

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