Month: November 2016

Commercial Code

The coverage only occurs with the death of the insured, so that the obligation of compensation depends on the verification of death, real or perceived. According to Law No. 1883 of Insurance, life insurance is those which cover the risks of natural persons. In legislating life insurance, not sure of the death itself, but when this could occur. Certain legislation establishes the viability of life insurance in cases of survival, or more clearly, annuity payment after fulfilling certain age and the payment of a certain predetermined amount stipulated. Life policies are inempuxnables after two years. Before you pay only their share of compensation mathematics according to the time covered, if the accident had occurred due to suicide. (Art.

1138, 1139) 2. Insurance of things. – In this matter, the insurance coverage through the hiring of a policy, may refer only to elements of order goods or assets. In this we have: i, Insurance damages (art. 1044) According to the Commercial Code, may be damage insurance, all risks, directly or indirectly affect the property or property of a person, provided insurable interest shown there in the hope that the incident does not happen, to have this people a legitimate economic interest. The insurable interest must be capable of estimation in money. In another common characteristic is that they tend to financial compensation referred directly to damage. Insurance against damage eg by riots, strikes, malicious damage, robbery, theft, robbery, broken glass, explosion of boilers, machinery breakdown, etc. i, Insurance of goods as such or interest on the thing.

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Hello, In this post I want preguntarte if you have made money with Internet and you have done if it when fua completes time you did that it, you are asked so that I do this question to you, the answer is very simple, to make money by Internet this becoming a tendency, not in a fashion, a tendency, since every day we looked for new sources of income Internet has become a great ally for the wealth and the emprendimiento, then, if you have not made money by Internet or it seems to you that it is impossible, deberias preguntarte in that planet you liveI assure to you that you use Internet on a daily basis, posteas the news, joint parties information, you use the social networks for the leisure or for comunicarte with your loved beings, that is very good, but the question, is these conscientious that these making rich to others just by use its systems. Mark Zuckerberg the young founder of facebook, I create very young this social network that if nowadays it were a country, he would have but of 600 million inhabitants, among them we, facebook are is a great machine to make money, have supplied by her but of of dollars and that gain, all we to every let it day grow with our recommendations and facebook has not paid any cent to us, that is to say we worked free for some companies in Internet. But the paradoxical thing of everything, that are many ways to gain common and current money by Internet, beings like your or I, but is cradled offer an opportunity to us, we are first in prejudging it, without giving the time us in studying and educating the respect to us, for many is but easy, to generate traffic and money for others and we allowed that companies as Facebook appropriates our image and our data and does with them what wants accepted, it and continued using the system, without receiving recompenza.. Ron O’Hanley often says this.

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Mediumsized Enterprises

Today April 19, the Ministry of economy, trade and innovation, public order by which summon aid to programme of support to innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises 2007-2013 (InnoEmpresa) in Extremadura, laid down in the Decree 75/2007, dated April 24, for the year 2011. To display the order in full, visit the website listed at the foot of the article in its section regional/Extremadura by Decree 75/2007 of 24 April (DOE No. 50, dated May 3), established the program of grants for the support of innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises (InnoEmpresa) in Extremadura, whose objective is to support innovation and competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through the implementation of projects in the fields technological, organizational and business management. In accordance with article 17 of the Decree, the procedure for granting aid will be through periodic call in concurrence scheme competitive procedure whereby the granting of subsidies will be performed by comparison of the applications submitted, in order to establish a priority among them in accordance with the assessment criteria established for each of the programs in annex II of the aforementioned Decree, awarding, with the limit set in the notice within the available creditwhich obtained greater appreciation on the application of the criteria. On the other hand, and in application of article 12(1) second subparagraph of Decree 75/2007, of April 24, for this call are enabled the telematic means that facilitate the filing and processing of different requests, noting this call the procedure to be followed. For these reasons, in virtue of the powers that by law I are conferred, in accordance with the provisions of the first final provision of Decree 75/2007, of April 24, as well as in article 92 of the law 1/2002 of 28 of February, the Government and the administration of the autonomous community of Extremadura, prior authorization of the Governing Council of April 1, 2011, I have: article 1. To know more about this subject visit Ron O’Hanley. Object.

By the present order is made the call, in competitive concurrence scheme, of the aid corresponding to the program for the support of innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises (InnoEmpresa) in Extremadura, for year 2011, contained in the Decree 75/2007, of April 24, and its partial modification by Decree 248/2009 of 27 November (DOE No. 238)(, December 14). It aims to support innovation and the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through the implementation of projects in areas of technological, organizational and business management. Article 2. Eligible program, amount and financing of the call. The cost of the actions foreseen in the present order shall be apportioned amongst the budgetary implementation 1905323A77000, Superproyecto 200719005901000 program InnoEmpresa, spending 200719005001500 InnoEmpresa programme, of the budgets of the 2012 project. The amount envisaged for this call is 2.321.208,14 euros. These grants are co-financed by 60% by FEDER funds, 20 percent by the Ministry of industry, tourism and trade and 20% by the Junta de Extremadura.

These grants are among priorities established in Extremadura operational programme 2007-2013, in particular within the shaft 2 development and innovation business and more specifically within the priority theme 9 other measures aimed at promoting the research and innovation and entrepreneurship in SMEs. The payment of the subsidies granted from this call for proposals will be conditioned on the existence of adequate credit and enough in the aforementioned exercise. Article 3. Beneficiaries.

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Simple Secret

Hi, Friends! Are you familiar with the feeling that when you have once again decided to change their lives, and make a decisive step towards the unknown toward a better life by crossing some invisible line in the circle – the circle a comfortable existence, you suddenly feel a vacuum around itself? Do not be mistaken if I say for you – are familiar. Remember how in the film Day Watch, the protagonist going from dusk to dusk rising higher and higher level, each time experienced during the transition running through the body cool. Here is a cool and every one of us who decided to leave the same circle of comfort. What am I doing? Yes, all the same. About eternal. You have seen and known to others. Reliable, skillful, has reached in life already some success, educated What you will now, nobody knows. And do not know because we do not hear what music is playing inside of you, what words fit this music, which horizons are revealed to you. Scott M. Kahan is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

They fear that you become a stranger. And you? You are then too scared. Because those who stayed behind, do not follow you, so do not stay with you. They do not understand you if you do not try to do it. They do not share your desire to move forward.

They prefer what is already there, what's there, though small, although its appearance but also stability. The word is a stability. It seems like the weight, but smacks of a swamp.

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