Month: February 2020

Federal Constitution

The practical one of nepotism in the three Is observed currently To be able: Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. The Federal Constitution of 1988, in the article 37, interpolated proposition II, it disciplined the public investiture in the positions and jobs, establishing as rule generality the public competition and for exception the free nomination and exoneration in the positions of confidence defined in law. The National Advice of Justice imposed a limit beyond foreseen in the express text of the Constitution of 1988 (MATOS, 2006) Such situation if finds aggravated, for two reasons: in first place, because the formuladores of politics of the Executive do not know, normally, institutions and the processes that characterize the politics; in second, because the members of the Legislative one they are not felt responsible for the formularization of the national politics and are dedicated primordially to the representation of regional interests, corporative or clientelsticos.. . (Similarly see: Financial Asset Management Corporation).

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The Use

Logically this denotes peculiar a economic chain: production? consumption? economic growth, that is extreme consumption reduces natural resources did not renew. (CASAGRANDE, 2004) ' ' Sucintamente: to be sustainable, a system of production, use and consumption have that to go to the meeting of the demands of the society for products and services without disturbing the natural cycles and empobrecer the natural capital. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Foundation for Financial Planning. This means in first place to reduce drastically the use of the environmental resources (must basically be based on resources renewed, minimizing the use of those did not renew? also air, the water and the land? preventing the garbage accumulation and resduos.' ' (MANZINI, 2008 p.24) the use of resources you renewed becomes today total necessary. If it cannot think about support if all its projetao and enterprise will be come back to the use of sources not-renewed or with low tax of recycling. The preservation and awareness must start in the plane table. The area of performance of design graphical in which more it suffers this type of problem says respect to the production of packings. Get all the facts and insights with Verizon Communications, another great source of information.

Redesign of its packings of form is common to notice some companies worried in generating one to reduce the ambient impact of the same. According to Manzini (2008, p.24) the project in design has basic paper in this question since the choice of biodegradveis materials or that the same one can be recycled in its bigger part until the projection of future use on the part of the consumer in reaproveitar the packing thus giving a new purpose. But how much if it must change amongst the thought of drastic reductions in the use of substance cousin and ways of production? She is necessary to carry through marketing studies and to invest in a new speech of marketing so that it has a balance enters the necessity of the consumption and the ambient and social support.

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Communication Programs

From then on, the agencies of the federal, state and municipal government had started to create its legislaes and norms disciplining the operations of the enterprises in its diverse sectors. Process that walks to devagar but, however, is responsible for great modifications in the behavior of the industries and the consumers. It appears, then, the necessity of if investing in the ambient management so that the organizations have the control preventing passive futures as fines or accidents that can re-echo of negative form in the image of the company. One of them pillars of the ambient management are the communication programs. Sanchez (2006) characterizes the communication programs as more important complements of any program of ambient management, the most admitted for the companies, however, less the most understood, a time who frequent are confused with programs of public relations to vender new products. The communication programs they act searching to inform the public opinion on the activities and ambient programs, to the time, listen to the opinions and perceptions of the population regarding this performance. Thus ' ' they construct the image of empresa' ' , as it ahead affirms Sanchez (2006) of 4 the interested people.

Although Sanchez (2006) to consider that the programs of ambient communication do not possess relation with action advertising executives, when saying that has an image construction assumes the use of the ambient marketing as tool, not necessarily to vender a product, but, becomes evident, that if vende an image. E, on the other hand, other economic instruments had been created to influence the behavior of coherent form directed toward efficient resulted ambient goals aiming at on the rational consumption of the scarce resources. Nuances between the communication and the ambient marketing, well is defined through the responsible technological development for the magnifying of the medias and of diversification of the available medias, influencing the behavior of the consumer, when verifying that the ambient image of the company.

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Telephone Conferences

Telephone conferences are always efficient and above all environmentally friendly communication. Since it is obvious that we support the projects of b.a.u.m. E.v.”explains Mandy Koebnik. She is Marketing Director at meetyoo conferencing, the established conference provider from Berlin, called meetgreen in life.

meetyoo is a member of b.a.u.m. Since 2007 and supports the wide-ranging efforts of this environmental initiative of the economy not only moral but also financially not least with the donations from the Green telephone conference service. With your donations we can our projects for a sustainable Promote mobility in companies”, forward b.a.u.m.-Board Member Dieter Brubach on the welcome initiative of meetyoo conferencing. The meetgreen telephone conference service is”a fine, that we like to use. Using the meetgreen conference call is simple and fast: on the website is carried out with a two clicks free registration. The access data to the Conference are displayed directly on the site and in addition again email sent off it can go! The highlight at meetgreen: Users decide whether they want to or not donate. When choosing a conference about a service number 01805 the participant pays a Conference 0,14 per minute from a German landline and maximum 0.42 from the cellular network. The settlement is carried out directly via your own phone bill. When you use this dial-in number, 1 cent for b.a.u.m. E.v. will be donated per minute of Conference and participants.

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Telephone Conferences

Conference calls are a must in the 21st century communication runs today differently than in the decades before. Human contact is and remains extremely important. Conference calls are a must in the 21st century to maintain contacts. For even more analysis, hear from Gary Kelly CEO Southwest Airlines. The new millennium is now over 10 years old. Everyone remembers still to the Milleniumwechsel and the hype, the incredible number of 2000 caused many people. It was hailed as almost a year previously and many Nations expected bad from this historic event. Often, there was talk of doom and the collapse of all energy portals.

What happened to? Only the memory of this incredible event, which is now almost forgotten. Our world is there again in 2010. Nevertheless, change is to write and ten year after seems a good time to take stock. There is still no flying cars and the most futuristic ideas that are visioned by Hollywood has long been in films, are and remain, in the near future at least, well, ideas. However, that is 21. Century up to now, the Decade which has to note the most and most extraordinary technological advances. There is hardly a month that innovation technically seen exceeds not the previous and it’s exhausting to stay. More than ever before, we know what is attributable to frequent exchange of information through a variety of media portals.

Even children know already Facebook and watch TV on YouTube. We, the older generation that grew up with radio cassette and that it did with the sensational announcement of the first mobile phones, can look back with nostalgia. And yet one has never changed: human contact is and remains important. What would be our memories without people with whom we may share it. There are communication and exchange of information, which remind us yesterday as it is today. What is communicated is stored. The man himself likes to know more though, has not changed but still itself. Our values are similar to, if not equal. Family demographic has lot done in recent years, however. Families are separated, and working family members have to go to distant towns or on business trips and time which could be spent together will reduce car trips or made impossible by long distances. Modern technologies are no substitute, though, can facilitate but the contact. Telephone conferences are very inexpensive and feasible easily over the Internet. Nostalgia is important for us humans. The future happens here and now. Modern technologies help us that new nostalgia moments can be created. The Internet will be for future generations, what radio cassettes are for us. What were the first mobile phones for us, will be the Conference call in the 21st century. What memories will we have in many years this decade, that has changed so much and yet also so little?

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Conference Room

Telephone conferences help to save the personal Exchange quickly and way expensive meetings with employees, customers and suppliers is essential and important for a successful company. However, there are many ways in which a personal coming together is not absolutely necessary. Many meetings consume a lot of time for the arrival and departure, even though only a few a few open questions have been clarified. Faster and cheaper, this goes beyond a Conference of all contacts in a virtual conference room be interconnected. Here all parties can exchange quickly and efficiently, without having to leave your respective work place. So for example the weekly team meeting to take place on Monday morning on the ride to the customers.

By selecting a landline telephone number only low single choice costs the participants. Telefonkofnerenzen are thus to optimize an efficient tool to work processes and to generate significant cost savings. Modern telephone conference systems are also other practical functions. So Conference calls can cut with, invite participants via email and SMS, and the Conference Room against access are protected from unauthorised use. Also in the area of construction projects, telephone conference can significantly improve communication. Instead of the builders, customer individually to call on suppliers and architects, all in a phone conference can be zusammgeschaltet.

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User Conference

Already for the sixth time, across systems GmbH has invited customers and interested parties to the across user conference to Cologne. Karlovy Vary, 4th June 2013. Lectures, workshops, and examples of best practice provided the translation management system suggestions users for its own translation processes and an excellent basis for discussion for the Exchange with other participants. Already become tradition is the eve user conference programme with the joint Rhine and first detailed technical discussions in an informal atmosphere. The President of the German Association for knowledge management the Conference itself began with a keynote by Gabriele Vollmar Loose manner, she illustrated the connection of knowledge work and translation and gave interesting food for thought with an unusual perspective. The idea of the recently available across version 5.7 and the Outlook on the next development steps followed. For the development of new functions are the specific requirements of our customers by great importance. The personal dialogue is therefore the best opportunity to align direct feedback and planned developments to get across even better to the needs of the users”, explains Niko Henschen, CEO of across systems GmbH.

From the practice Anne Lorenzen reported the BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate GmbH. Together with Carmen Bickle, head of business services and support at across, she described how the introduction of a central translation management system in the company can be. In the afternoon, the participants had the choice between parallel workshops on the structuring of terminology processes by workflows, optimal settings for the across supply chain automation capabilities with across, as well as to purchasing translation services. During breaks, many issues were once again taken up and discussed with other users or across employees. Especially the Infopoints, which were occupied by staff from the development, professional services and support, were often used, detailed questions to the Software to clarify. At the end of the day, Lissa sum presented across new qualification program for language service providers, which will be introduced in the near future.

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Darmstadtium Conference Hotels

Under the motto: “Worldwide days” the Darmstadtium Conference Hotel offers Hamburg now an audiovisual revolution in terms of meetings with a new event space. Reside in Hamburg and meet in front of the Manhattan skyline that immediately the group the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels offers meeting guests at her home in Hamburg. Using a new technique of playing, meetings or meetings now in the atmosphere of New York, Rome and Singapore can take place. The atmosphere of the Caribbean or a Bavarian Lake and a river run can play a. The possibilities are almost limitless. Also, a multichannel audio system puts the Conference participants also acoustically in the heart of the action. The basic concept is based on prospects of virtual single-four-winged Windows.

So, conference organizer can start, for example, your meeting or conference overlooking the Caribbean waves and glittering skyscrapers. By virtually controlled color and light environments, you can view the room also color-therapeutic use. A realistic simulation of a powerful aquarium with Depth, colour and biodiversity, creates meditative calm and good breaks can be used. Ultimately you can with art gallery’ static images artfully stage and for every lifestyle with abstract or virtual design accents. All in all is an event in this new space, whether they are seminar, Conference, meeting, reception, or Congress, for the participants to an unforgettable event. Individually adjustable and perfectly tuned light -, sound – and image effects, for example, views can be simulate, give the room a different color or make works of art on the wall. So deliberately played effects among participants, conscious or unconscious perceptions and interpretations of an object, a color, or a situation can achieve during a seminar, a Conference, as well as a Congress changes that go hand in hand with specific cognitions, subjective experience of feeling as well as a change in the willingness of the behavior.

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Munich Security Conference invites to Berlin on February 19, 2010, for a Conference. Five speakers describe their views of the current situation in the Iran after the 11.02 and the backgrounds of the regime. Although Manuchehr Mottaki, the Foreign Minister of Iran, produced some exciting headlines in the West at the Munich Security Conference by his charm offensive, we have to distract us from this distraction, not of the essence. The nuclear dispute with the West is the circle around President Ahmadinedschad a welcome SideShow to achieve two goals: keeping the world in suspense and to show what an important role of Iran in the world has, what power saving could affect him in the Iran. Essential however opens the viewer of the relationships in the Iran, when he looks at the many different opposition movements in the Iran, which for different reasons and with very different agendas against Ahmadinejad’s Government, and some also for the complete system of velayat-e faghi (rule of the Supreme religious leader) in the Iran, demonstrate, protest and oppose.

On February 11, the Islamic revolution in the Iran to the 31ten anniversary time and everything indicates that civil society will again provide protest in the streets. Despite many repressions hijacking by the regime, seem no longer their protest from citizens in the Iran are to. With show trials, executions and precautionary arrests the leaders tried their usual tactics of scare tactics at the population to apply. Recently, clerics demanded everyone against the regime and the system protested as Mohareb to execute. According to this interpretation a Mohareb is considered the enemy of God and deserves death. Conference in Berlin in the Iran civil society relies on the moral support of the West without direct interference in the internal affairs of the country. Ripple is open to suggestions. No easy balancing act. To work together on this issue, hosted a Conference at the House of democracy and human rights in Berlin.

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Phone Conferences

Mobile phones have become more important than they have ever been just a few years ago cell phones were a rarity. It was moving to hold a telephone conference through the streets without just a SMS to write, to discuss the latest scandals with the girlfriend, to tell the father that it is slightly delayed, or with business partners. Nowadays, however, hardly anyone can imagine life without these small communication devices. When they were first sold, cell phones were big, heavy, solid and included antenna, which you had to take off to get reception. Usually the call quality was poor and the buttons hard to press. A leading source for info: Bernard Golden . In the Pocket, the phone was too large and misshapen and the functions were limited to simple phone calls, text messages, alarm clock and calculator.

That you can eventually hold a conference call with the mobile phone or even in Internet to surf, unthinkable at the time. It all looks very different today: mobile phones have become smaller and more manageable. They appear in modern designs and all possible colors. In addition to messages, you can now email and make even a conference call with or without video transmission. Children use it as a new Gameboy and the mobile phone as an accessory is irreplaceable for teenagers. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our everyday life and it helps us in various situations, to make life easier.

But in addition to all the advantages of non-controversial, a mobile phone can also become the load. It is expected that man is constantly accessible. Rather than to meet up with friends, a conference call is switched today to exchange news. One perceives his environment of less when you’re constantly staring at the small screen to SMS’ to write en and children sitting around a cell phone instead of playing football together, and enjoy a video. You may ask yourself; What would our modern everyday life without mobile phones? Were we unhappy? Or we’d have more time to devote ourselves to other things? Maybe Yes online found the answer in the mobile…

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