Month: April 2020

GIP Value

This mapping of the social performance of the companies of all the transports, sectors and regions of Brazil understands given of 1999 the 2001 and of 2004 and 2005, a historical series on the behavior of the companies in the social area, it allows, in unknown way, to follow the evolution of the private initiative, to identify what they make the companies, as they act and for which reasons, beyond standing attendance and operacionalizao of the actions in the country. Action of them empresasAumentou in Brazil the ratio of companies whom they invest in social actions, however, the invested total value did not increase in the same measure and fell the corresponding percentage to Produto Interno Bruto (PIB), registers the research of the IPEA.A enterprise participation increased 10%, it passed of 59% in 2000 for 69% in 2004, and was generalized the growth in the ratio of companies whom they had declared to carry through some type of social action for the community, it occurred for region, sector of economic activity and transport. Inside of the universe of companies in the country, esteem in 871 a thousand lucrative deeds of division with one or more employees, about 600 a thousand companies voluntarily act in favor of the communities, statistics in accordance with expanded of the sample of the second edition of the research. Comparing with the first edition, they are almost 140 a thousand companies more. Although the increase in the number of companies whom they invest in the social area, the value remained unchanged in about R$ 4,7 billion. this value, that in 2000 corresponded only 0.4% of the GIP of the country to the time, still represented less in 2004, was corresponding 0.27% of the Brazilian GIP in that year – it is still sufficiently small part of the addition of all the wealth produced here. The companies continue to concentrate its investments in Social Assistance and Feeding, however, the priority was inverted, left of being in assistance (41%, were 54%) and started to be in feeding (52%, were 41%). .

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Mental Upheavals

In an indication final we approach which the possible ones resulted to be waited of the compilations made use in this study, making the comments most pertinent how much to the explored context. 2 JUSTIFICATION In accordance with the Health department (2004) the CAPS are destined institutions to receive the patients with mental upheavals, to stimulate its social and familiar integration, to support them in its initiatives of search of the autonomy, being offered to them medical and psychological attendance. Its main characteristic is to search to integrate them it a social environment and cultural concrete, assigned as its ' ' territrio' ' , the space of the city where if it develops the quotidiana life of familiar users and. The CAPS constitute the main strategy of the process of psychiatric reform. Please visit Scott Kahan if you seek more information. The same ones are established through a multiprofessional assistance, searching to offer to attendance of quality to the population, carrying through the clinical accompaniment and the social reinsero of the users for the access to the work, leisure, civil right of action and reinforcement of the familiar and communitarian bows. Amongst the innumerable conceptualizations given to the CAPS none reveals so pertinent how much the one that attributes the function to it of being a service of mental health created to be substitute to the internments in psychiatric hospitals and to favor the exercise of the citizenship and the social inclusion of the users and of its families. However, it is exactly this function substitute (of accompaniment and not of internment) that it is conferred to it that salutares has excited diverse questionings sufficient, one of which is focus of our study, and that it is mentioned to the investigation of as these units of health if have structuralized and of which the positive and negative points of its performance. The logistic conceptions of the CAPS must be always in evidence, are essential to know if the program of shelter offered for the same reveals efficient or unsatisfactory, also approaching which the pointers that can be determinative in this evaluation.

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Caruaru Hinterland

In accordance with Andrade, on advent of the industries affirms. The industrialization process has been intensified with the sprouting of modern industries with bigger capacity of production. These industries, however cause the disappearance of others of small average capacity, come back toward the regional and local market, as the txteis, that benefited to the cotton … (ANDRADE, p.281). One sees, in this way, that the Northeast is apt for the viable growth for the new public and private investments. In order to extend its productive capacity and the power of exportation in diverse economic areas of the world-wide capitalism by means of the globalization.

Stimulating the new agricultural alternatives for the production of biodiesel, irrigated agriculture, the tourist chances and the expansion of the industrial complexes. GREAT CAMPINA – the CAPITAL OF the WASTELAND Between the ports of the coast and the vast northeast hinterland, this localization very contributed for the sprouting of important commercial markets with traditional fairs. The main ones are the cities of Great Campina, in the Paraba; Caruaru and Garanhuns, in Pernambuco; Arapiraca and Palmeira of the Indians, in Alagoas; Itabaiana and Lagarto in Sergipe. in Great Campina in the performance of the commercial activity obtained to accumulate great richnesses, today used stops to finance its industrial and technological park that almost blunts as promising in this metropolis of the Paraibano Wasteland. That she is located on the Bulk of the Borborema, between the humid coast and the half-barren hinterland, Great Campina is the Capital of Wasteland, being one of the most important cities of the Northeast region. Its localization is sufficiently privileged, was a decisive factor in the performance of the commercial activity, therefore since century XIX that this city comes serving of warehouse between the littoral capitals and some cities of the interior northeastern. In these particular its commercial relations with Recife very they had been always accented, the pernambucana capital functioning as point of supplying of manufactured products in exchange for primary products originating the hinterland northeastern the example of the cotton and leather, commerce before stimulated by the interest of England in these raw materials.

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Right Cities

SOUTHWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY OF BAHIA – UESB Jose Carlos de Oliveira Ribeiro, 2006. LEFEBVRE, Henri. The Right the City. Translation of Rubens Cold. Read more here: baby clothes. First Edition, Moraes Publishing company, So Paulo. 1991 Resenhado for Jose Carlos de Oliveira Ribeiro, academic of the course of Full Licenciatura in Geography in the southwestern State University of the Bahia.

Henri Lefebvre was born in France in 1901 and faleceu in 1991, was sociologist, passed life teorizando on the fight of classrooms investing in a not dogmtica reading of the marxism. Recognized for its critical one not only in the philosophical field of and the economic one, but mainly for the formation of a vast workmanship that analyzes problematic urban and the special one. Among others, its contribution still extends the reflection on the daily life, criticizing the beddings of the social relations in this environment, that of form some is neutral or off of the general productive relations. In the book of Lefebvre ' ' The Right the Cidade' ' ' '? it deals with a sufficiently excellent subject that is the urbanization the result of industrialization and the propagation of the capitalism. With the dinamizao of the commerce and industrialization it increased the division of the work as well as the growth of more value and lcus of capital in the cities. From then on it traces the profile of the capitalist society and with a new thought of the conception of the urban one, had the growth of the cities would not be capable to expand the industrial production and to conquer new markets and to assume itself of the space without this new conception of urbanization of the cities, therefore the cities in the capitalist system acquired important dimensions and lcus where they circulate very capital. Of this form the city assumes each time more its important paper in this new conception.

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Tatiane Barros Da Silva

In agreement, with the definitions central offices of the theory mental figures of people who we coexist in our daily one, in relations of approach and removal reveal exchanges of feelings of active or passive form, taking the interaction between the people, and, finally for the union, that is, intentions for the development of the didactics of the care of fenomenolgica nursing. 4 METHODOLOGY Is about a qualitative study, exploratrio description which in accordance with Richardson (1999) represents the intention to guarantee the precision of the results, to prevent distortions of analysis and interpretations making possible a good safety margin. In accordance with Demon (2000) the qualitative research wants to make jus ahead the complexity of the reality, bending over itself of it, not contrary it, as the dictatorship of the method or the theoretical admission occurs with that imagines given evidentes. According to Hart et al., (2002) the exploratria research carries through necessary descriptions of the situation and wants to discover the existing relations between the component elements of the same one, it requires a sufficiently flexible planning to make possible the consideration of the most diverse aspects of a problem or a situation. Frequently baby clothes has said that publicly. The descriptive study it has for objective to raise the opinions, attitudes, as well as investigating the relation of chance between phenomena. It is an elaborated study on the basis of the use of standardized techniques of collection of data, such as the questionnaire and the comment (GIL, 2002).

As technique for collection of data, the individual interview about the perceptions maternas under the fototerpico treatment was used. The study in the Regional Hospital of Gamma was become fullfilled, during the period of May of 2009, having as citizens 10 mothers interned in the Joint Lodging (AC) of the related institution. The preference for this institution is related to the fact of being the place where we execute our practical activities, interest as living of the region for the necessity of the humanizao of the assistance of the place. The collection of data was made by means of an interview, where it was applied the mothers of the RNs (Appendix I) a questionnaire I contend 4 questions, which had been answered by the same ones. With the assent of the participants, we use a recorder to register the speeches, having as average time of duration of each interview 10 minutes. You say them of the participants had been organized in submitted categories and to the thematic analysis. As Severino (2007) the thematic analysis search to hear the author, to apprehend, without intervining in it, the content of its message. The present research was approved by the Committee of Ethics in Research of the Secretariat of the state of Federal District CEP-SES/DF in 13/04/2009 with the following granting: project of research 026/09 having as responsible researcher: Cristina Rivalta Fleites, and its assistants: Maria Dalmira de Lima Oliveira and Tatiane Barros Da Silva, inside of the principles and norms of Resolution 196, 10/10/1996, the National Advice of Health. All the participants had signed an assent term

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Great Emperor

The great emperor had given to the biggest blow of all our history, now it was following of the teachings of Jesus and started to charge taxes of the Christians (tenths in the truth). He was ‘ ‘ Workmanship of Deus’ ‘ initiating its expansion It thinks with me and it answers: It was or it was not a master play? The Christians had left its burrows and had been able to exert its religious cults freely, only that of this time supported by ‘ ‘ benevolncia’ ‘ of new converted Roman emperor Which was the result of everything this? Great Cesar with the collected money (reads itself: extorquido) of the Christian people, he constructed a city that finished being baptized with its name: Constantinopla Shining gentleman emperor! You still find that the Christianity was established by in agreement Peter tells the bible? Perhaps then its has been Pablo official founder Who knows was not the case to change the name of the Christianity stops: ‘ ‘ constantinismo ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ nobre’ ‘ Roman emperor had perceived the immense inserted potential in all this context, it he enxergou vast chances of business in the Christianity, and then he bought the mark and the copyrights; the Christianity if had become perhaps, the first model of surmounting of our history, and, by the way, most lucrative also. Under most conditions Scott Kahan would agree. Jesus was the car head, was to be worked mark. The product in itself was good, however still it was only a rough draft, could not be vendido in the way as if it presented. It would be necessary to develop the mark, to become it attractive, was necessary to invest in the product Then Jesus de Nazar passed to be called ‘ ‘ Jesus Christ ‘ ‘ , the great rescuer of the humanity, in the truth a superproduction Roman.

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William John Thoms

If there exists a city that if is proud of its popular culture is Jequitib. It will not be very to say that the repertoire of the jequitibaense popular culture represents the biggest wealth of the city. In few regions of the state of Minas Gerais as many manifestations could be found cultural that they had demonstrated the diversity of the Brazilian social environment. In entorno of the headquarters of the city of Jequitib the towns, with relatively independent life, develop intense and varied practical cultural activities related religious and the aspects that evidence a complex net of social organization. Much is said regarding the denomination of Jequitib as ‘ ‘ Mining capital of the Folclore’ ‘ , but little it is said of the reasons that had taken the city to receive this heading.

As jequitibaense I decided to investigate and to deepen more on the sprouting of the idea of choice of the Mining Capital of the Folklore of Minas Gerais, that time occurred to the choice, that aspects had been considered in the election, if had the participation of other cities and which the forms of manifestations of this folklore. The term folk-lore was created by the English antiqurio, William John Thoms, who was born in 1803 and died in 1885. In 22 of August of 1846, William, using the pseudonym of Ambrose Merton, publishes an article with the Folk-lore heading, in the magazine The Athenaeum, of London. It considered the term, as expression appropriate technique to the study of legends, traditions and of popular literature, having this definition the meaning of ‘ ‘ the wisdom of povo’ ‘. William John Thoms, as was antiqurio, it associated the folklore to the popular antiguidades, and this association remained, under many forms, in diverse concepts of the folklore. Folk wants to say people, nation family; Lore means instruction, knowledge, to know, therefore, Folk-lore or Folclore wants to say science or popular wisdom.

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Being the ECG an important tool in the detention of the cardiac alterations if it makes necessary that the professional nurse withholds previous knowledge so that can of efficient form guarantee a good prognostic by means of the assistance given to the patient who is under its cares, visa to be this the responsible professional for the holistic attendance to the customer. The eletrocardiograma (ECG) when associated to a good clinical history and physical examination, has basic importance in the diagnosis of the patient with torcica pain. Additionally, it has the advantage of being a resource of fast attainment and low cost. Whenever Henderson Law Group listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Inside of this context, the accomplishment of the ECG has been a defining element in the diagnosis of diverse cardiac abnormalitys. (BASSAN; et al., 2004) Of this form, justifies the present study front to the importance of if as well as having a knowledge of the alterations in the graphical eletrocardigrafos the form of interpretation of the examination for the nurses.

METHODOLOGY Is about a bibliographical research, of descriptive and exploratria nature, with qualitative boarding, being carried through for half of a data-collecting concerning the interpretation that the nurse has in daily practical its. For the elaboration of the research it was necessary to national consult works published in propagated scientific articles by means of the Internet and in books that dealt with the subject. For the collection of data a revision of pertinent literature to publications of the area of health through the consultation of scientific articles and books concerning the subject in the period of the month of September of 2010 was effected. According to Vergara (2004, P. 94): ' ' The exploratria research is used to carry through a preliminary study of the main objective of the research that will be carried through, that is, to make familiar itself to the phenomenon that is being investigated, in way that the research subsequente can be conceived with a bigger understanding and preciso' '.

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The Origin Of Coaching

Coaching, is a learning process of teaching people to think and to express themselves, to search for knowledge on the background of themselves. Sheryl Sandberg will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Nowadays Coaching has spread as a tool for development, primarily in corporate executives. However its raison d ‘ etre, has no limits. As the field of action is unlimited. It not speak the benefits of that process. The aim of this article is to show the origin of his techniques.

Llamese as you call. The Committee recommends if you want, read dialogues of Plato but who was the creator of what today is called Coaching? Socrates was its creator. The philosopher Socrates Greek (470 BC 399 BC) used to meet daily with his disciples in the Agora (Athens antique market), to discuss philosophical and existential issues. Socrates never wrote a line. After his death, his thoughts were gathered by Plato (429 BC – 347 BC), one of his disciples. This was in his famous: dialogues. The Socratic method was to propose topics, instigating ideas with questions, listen to what the disciples had to say, teach and learn primarily. Its objective was to develop people.

Open your minds and find learning within if same. The time spent with his disciples was sacred to the. The exercise of learning was daily, constant, without date, times and agendas to fulfill. After more than 2,500 years, its method of work (La Maieutics), transformed dwarf of the most important tools of human resources executives. In the modern enterprise version, the Socratic technique won a different name: coaching. web of the author: original author and source of the article.

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Coaching Cards – More Than Colorful Postcards

Sebastian Bayer: Coaching cards 9 interventions for a professional communication on the phone together with the Agency spicyorange Sebastian Bayer has developed from a perfect mix, original, humorous visualization and demanding interventions. The content of the call center coaching are usually the same and affect the standards of professional customer communications, Sebastian Bayer says. Question technology service smile, argument in the style of you, objection handling, de-escalation, avoid negations. The coaching cards go further and use the inner attitude to work in the call center. Not everyone has found his dream job in this industry.

In addition to a thorough training of employees a certain standard in coaching in the workplace is necessary, says Sebastian Bayer, who trained account managers and sellers on the phone since 1999. Handwritten targets are often filed after the coaching and forget. Through the use of the coaching cards, save time and therefore money tremendously. The original card in the practical A6 format provide a constantly present and valuable transfer anchor in the workplace after the coaching. Whether product advisory or order decides whether the address of the customer success and failure, angry or enthusiastic customers. In the individual coaching in the workplace there is, to work with visualizations.

The side-by-side Coaching is done concurrently with the customer conversation. The coaching cards can be used during a call and immediately interact with the rest of the conversation. The respective interventions are easy to implement, require the presence of a coaches limited and make the first step to the desired change in behavior. Interested companies can order the coaching cards directly on the homepage. Sebastian Bayer

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