Being good designers or programmers does not guarantee that a client falls blinding light surrendered to our knowledge, at all, if we want to be competitive and ensure a new web project, we must become skilled in the art of hypnosis leads. As professionals we must bear in mind always that one thing is our inventory of skills and experience and quite another to our eloquence and ability to deal with our clients. It’s very different show how good we are, that we understand their need to project, but both measures are important if we are to achieve customer confidence. Convert to a potential client in an insurance business requires to apply all our senses to filter the important from his words and intentions and unknowingly carry with suspicion and pace to complete assurance that we are what he needs. Sheryl Sandberg describes an additional similar source.

But beyond the theory of pre-sales and closing that is often applied in these cases, web professionals, we face an environment full of good portfolio and on the other side to an unforgiving market developer need to be prostitutes for a few coins, forcing us to take measures tailored to love and to ensure every new job opportunity that comes our way. That is why I present here seven tips to hypnotize potential customers heard and assimilated the true interests of customers, this is not know you need your web project, this feeling is pointing to where the real interests of the customer (economic , marketing, service, projection, etc…) and accompany him in his purpose with our ideas and experience..