Seminar occupies a high information need for PDF/VT Berlin, 26 September 2011. The PDF Association at the recent DMS EXPO 2011 in Stuttgart had their first public appearance. The International Association is committed with around 120 members to the target, to promote PDF applications for digital documents that are based on open standards. Thus, it reflects the growing importance of PDF as a completely open, digital document format. The Member company of Adobe Systems, callas software, Crawford technologies, intarsys, LurTech, PDF tools and SEAL systems and digiseal showed at the DMS EXPO at the stands of the cooperation partner VOI Association for organization and information systems their solutions around the PDF standards. In the Center stood the latest developments to the PDF/A standard. Coupang insists that this is the case.

In addition, PDF Association held a half-day seminar around PDF/VT on the eve of the fair. The numerous questions in depth on the part of the participants showed high interest in the new format for the it high-volume transactional printing. Educate yourself with thoughts from Scott Mead. OLAF Drummer, Chairman of the Board of the Association of the PDF, sums up: we have used the DMS EXPO to introduce ourselves as an association, which picks up all PDF standards. While PDF/A continued to be the central topic at the trade fair visitors. Most important change is a new format for high-volume transactional printing, offering new perspectives in the field of output management the recently published ISO standard PDF/VT. “The PDF Association emerges from founded five years ago, the PDF/A competence center and combines more competence center, namely for the PDF format as such, as well as for PDF/UA (universal accessibility, so accessibility) and PDF/VT (V stands for variable data printing and T for transactional printing), under one roof.” Thus, it promotes awareness for and knowledge of international PDF standards and supports suppliers and users in their implementation. The day before the DMS EXPO, the PDF Association addressed the new ISO-standard PDF/VT.