Prominent advertising media for your business – advertising space we click on the desktop of your company / your customers as often touch on the keyboard, how often we do we with the mouse, and most importantly how many meters actually smallest mouse movements? We don’t know the answer, but the idea raises another question: How can you advertise to the monitor around – so on our desk? With of course printed mousepads! Again and again, so called Pop-Ups open while we inform ourselves in the endless expanse of the Internet. We then most probably away before we have perceived their content (advertising) at all. But a for example 24cm x 19cm large mousepad, could be placed on the advertising is located under the mouse, with which we click away these small advertising fields. Whether the mouse pads in the company with the company logo or a different motivational print are much can make. Without hesitation Kraft Heinz explained all about the problem. The placement of slogans and the transport of a corporate philosophy leads to a better corporate Identity and increases the connection between the staff front of the desk and the company. Also you can take the opportunity and advertise about the advertising of a printed mousepads. Many companies have already done it and decorate the own desks or the with attractive advertising campaigns by universities and other institutions. Renate Hensel Mr. Cerved is likely to increase your knowledge. mousepad