He is optimistic to take Supercopa of Spain. It assures that about Real Madrid &quot worries to him; todo". It has not confirmed if Cesc will play to title. Yes it is summoned. The trainer of Barcelona, Pep Guardiola, has recognized that its equipment still is " just a little bit behind " of the Real Madrid, with which this Wednesday the first title of the season will gamble, as far as preparation.

Guardiola is conscious that, in the away game, the white set was superior. " For that reason, I have the sensation of which there are to play better than we played in the Bernabe to gain the Supercopa" , it has aimed. Nevertheless, the three days that the Bara has had to advance in its completion, the result of the away game (2-2) and the fact that the return gambles in the Camp Nou – " the public has to arrive where we not lleguemos" , he has indicated make him be relatively optimistic. " We have been a little better than for three days and now we must ahead give pasito that will not reach us to arrive at its level, perhaps but it reaches us to take to us ttulo" , it has affirmed. The technician of the azulgrana set has not wanted to advance if Cesc will leave to title and yes also Xavi, Piqu or Sergio Busquets do, outside the eleven in the going by diverse annoyances: " We will make a last training, we will see how they are all and decidiremos".

Asked for the new signings, Guardiola is outstanding " humildad" that it has demonstrated to the Alexis Chilean Sanchez in these first days like azulgrana. " The important thing is that it has already gained his companions, because the other day ran by seis" , there is outstanding. Of Cesc it has remembered that will not practically need adaptation. " It knows the majority of people and plays soccer very well. He is a boy who has depth in happens, very good arrival to the area and can play in many positions. It only lacks that it takes the mechanisms, than nothing more dnsivos, because the offensive have todos&quot almost; , it has explained. About Real Madrid, to the trainer of the Bara &quot worries to him; todo" and it has not wanted to argue on the aggressiveness that is used to exhibiting the set Madrilenian in ' clsicos'. " What we must do is that the ball circulates more express, than arrive less and than there are less contacts. The others, no longer are question ours, but of rbitro" , it has concluded. Source of the news: Guardiola: " Still we are just a little bit behind the Madrid"