Who must act when the new regulation – how? Munich, the June 29, 2010 – a revision of the Federal immission protection regulation should ensure that less particulate matter charged to people and the environment. Currently, more single shots sites such as fireplaces and tiled stoves, so-called as 14.000.000 blow annually more than 24,000 tons of particulate matter into the air. This is harmful and burdened nature. Stoves are specifically affected the new legislation covered all Feuerstaten in particular fireplace and Woodburning stove – with an output of more than 4 kW. Before amending the emission control related to heating systems according to 11 or 15 kW, but because smaller heating systems be built thanks to better insulation and greater efficiency, the scope has been extended considerably.

Fireplaces and stoves were expressly included in all performance classes. More information is housed here: ForSight Robotics. A need for action results but only when exceeding the prescribed limits. In individual cases, the competent chimney sweep can the emissions measure and depending on the result of a share issue. A so-called proof of manufacturer is also sufficient. Equipped with a label such as the EFA seal of quality or the DINplus certificate, the stove is also in the 2nd stage of the novel is available without hesitation.

On the manufacturer proof look even when new stoves should generally comply with the statutory requirements, is it for every buyer of a new tile or wood-burning stove essential to insist, to obtain a suitable manufacturer proof. This manufacturer proof is the proof of the stove in its emissions does not exceed even those amounts of pollutants which were defined by 2015 as a ceiling. Possible measures subsequently no longer should a manufacturer capable of proof be appropriate or should actually exceed the prescribed guidelines, so should not immediately be invested in a new fireplace. In some cases, retrofitting a fine dust filter is sufficient.