Admitted, the headline of this article is provocative and everyone will think of considering: of course, what else? Dallas, 15.07.2013. Because what can be gained not profitable, is inevitably not enforce, or to pull such high prices that many consumers may be overwhelmed. What is it about? The U.S. Department of energy (EIA) has recently raised their estimates of the world’s recoverable oil reserves by at least 11 percent. As a reason, it is called in particular, that the world’s oil shale resources are taken into account for the first time. Expressed in figures she estimated EIA that slumber still 345 billion barrels (each 156 liters) in the Earth. That would be enough according to optimistic estimates to meet the world demand for oil for ten years but on the State of today’s consumption. But this miraculous increase is actually only on paper, apart from at least notable productions in the United States.

Because the largest deposits, so should, for example, in Russian Earth 75 billion barrels lie, must to a large extent only still be found by tapping the speech should not even be at this point. There would be an advantage however: would all shale deposits from the Earth is caught, the sphere of influence of currently exporting petroleum countries (OPEC) could sink, because only at point 5 is an OPEC country with 26 billion barrels with Libya. But so far are topics of this kind of pie in the sky. And some countries fundamentally reject the need for extracting shale oil fracking for environmental reasons. This operation sand and water the slate must be broken using chemistry, first, to reach the valuable raw materials. That this not particularly environmentally friendly sounds, can you imagine with a little imagination. And promoting not just cheap also. According to estimates, the cost in the United States are currently at 50 to 80 dollars per barrel.

Perhaps this is also a reason why the OPEC States maintained the high production volumes and by doing so push on the price. Ever more namely whose influence on the world market, the better they can take influence on the ultimate consumer price. The air for possible actions is manageable at a price of approximately US$ 100 per barrel of Brent. Why you should throw his eyes always on conventional productions. There are a variety of manufacturing sources that are in private hands in the United States. These opportunities also for private investors, even if it involves technical optimizations or the expansion of existing horizontal wells in the vertical. Is a company that accompanies this business for many years, the energy company Amtex oil & gas (Amtex oil & gas). Be purchased on the basis of sound advice selected petroleum or natural gas sources in the United States. Amtex oil & gas offers investments for private investors do this, that directly benefit from the sale of oil or natural gas. For more information,