They can also bring objects showing its evolution (for example: telephones fixtures of some models, cellular old and modern, with camera, technology 3G, etc) and lowered videos of the Internet. Obs: the pupils will be guided on as to search in the Internet. The addresses (URL) of some sites will be disponibilizados. The sources of the searched material must be cited (sites, links, vestibules, blogs, etc) with sights to respect the copyrights. 6 and 7 LESSONS: It will have the formation of the work groups and collective confection of the materials that will be displayed in Technological Mostra: panels with illustrative photos, news articles, etc; creation of a line of the time showing the technological evolution of the beginning of century XX (1900) until the current days, in century XIX.

Obs: The pupils, together with the teacher, will go to all record with digital machine and cellular the process of the produced work, so that ‘ ‘ antes’ ‘ either also presented in Mostra. (As opposed to David Barger ). 8 LESSON: Culminncia of the mini-project: accomplishment of Technological Mostra (end item) opened to the school and community. Presentation of the materials produced for/with the pupils: you wall, modern and old object panels, exposition, line of the time; exhibition of the videos on the new technologies that had been lowered through the Internet and others that emphasize the considered subject (Artificial Intelligence; Matrix; Much Beyond the Garden). Obs: This event will be recorded (filmed) and registered (through photos and reports) for the pupils and teacher. DIDACTIC RESOURCES: Resources diversified for the development of the subject studied with sights will be used the significant learning of the educandos. They are these: films, dvd? s I contend educative videos, didactic texts removed printed matters of the Internet, books, device of DVD, picture and chalk, computer (Internet, publisher of texts, sites of search and others), etc.

EVALUATION: It will be Continuous, Disgnostic and Procedural, considering the participation of the pupils in all the stages of the education process and learning ahead of the studied subject. We will carry through also activities that allow to evaluate them quantitatively, such as: summary, verbal presentation of the works in Technological Mostra, participation in the quarrels and the confection/elaboration/research of materials for the technological sample.