For Greenpeace, the Spanish planning in the construction area in recent years, did not consider the population, or observe the environment in the least. According to Pilar Marcos, representative of the institution named, Spain built homes nonsense. Experts estimated that it would take no more than 300,000 homes per year. However, construction companies raised three times more than that. Comparing this with the buildings that made neighboring countries, the figures are truly alarming.

In the other countries of the European Union, did not rise more than 10 houses per thousand inhabitants. Completely different was the reality in Spain, where he built about 30 houses per thousand inhabitants. Although the Spanish construction companies say that this was a need that arose from the Spanish company, were quick to build thinking that the market would remain stable for many years. But the crisis came and the housing stock is increasingly more paralyzed. While the population of most coastal cities increased, this does not justify so great investment in the housing market.

Arrived immigrants and masses of tourists who came on vacation and decided to stay, fascinated by the place .. Anyway, Francesc Munoz (the director of the Centre of Development of the Autonomous University of Barcelona) thinks that the houses that were planned to build, did not point to this nascent market. We can corroborate this with the fact that many of these houses, even built in urban centers. This means, aimed mainly at those people with high spending power to buy more than one house, those who invested their money in buying a home. Most of the immigrants, for example, stayed in sublet apartments in the center of the city, or close to it. Exceptions to this reality (ie, those who could sell his flat in the center and move to a rural house) next to the market named above, motivated to begin construction companies with mega real estate projects. However, it should not be putting all the blame on the real estate companies, because without the consent of the respective municipalities and provincial governments, these works would not have done. . To read more click here: Howard Schultz.