Astrology has to do not only with intuition. Astrology is also a skill that applies to learn it. Who has ever consulted an astrologer on an important issue, was certainly surprised by the apparent knowledge of the own life reality. Not so, as if he is spying on us and would promote our deepest secrets to light, no. He or she recognizes apparently after careful consideration of our birth horoscope, what are our basic topics. What is the relationship of the father and sons, so that the relationship to the own manhood. There, the astrologer looks to the aspects and the House placement of the Sun, which traditionally stands for the father. Similarly, the position of the Moon in the horoscope is among other things used to be able to make statements about the mother. The Moon stands for the female, accepting and the world of feelings. Please visit David Rogier if you seek more information. The sign in which the Moon is at home, says something about how and where the person really feels at home emotionally. And who in the world of the feelings traditionally more to offer than the mothers? And If the relationship with the mother is or was, this will be to see in the horoscope. Or when we consult astrologers due to a problem of partnership and he looks at both horoscopes, he will look always on the position of the Moon and Venus. Even if Venus, which is in relations to how one imagines a love affair, is harmonious aspects to the Venus of the partners, is but the sign placement of the two moons of exorbitant importance. Here we have a person with a very sensitive Moon in a water sign, such as cancer or fish and have a partner with an emphasis on air, so moon in Libra, twin or Aquarius, so you can say almost certainly that the two emotionally at all not can engage the other. This is especially tragic if the two perhaps can experience a very strong attraction on sexual territory but not really dock deep in their soul in the other. Who, enthusiastically visited ever serious Astrology courses of the meaningfulness of this discipline, will quickly Notice that you here not can be transported in the tutorial to the astrologers, but you can immerse yourself in the principles of this science and begin to deal with the different human temperaments. This is a great step towards the understanding of the other and its dynamics; “because what it quickly must be noted in the tamping of the horoscopes with amazement: each Gav is different”, as the Cologne can so aptly put it. Just as every person has a completely own genetic programming, so the uniqueness of every being reveals itself in the horoscope. And that promotes the tolerance highly. Andreas Mettler