“Target – funds,” an old idea packaged in new names. Currently are many reports about this new fund. In America, they are already among the best selling types of funds. Also in Europe is now firmly switched for these types of fund advertising. Often, we read that it is the solution for all those who trust the state pension no longer supported with impressive figures on future supply gap in state pensions. Recently, these funds have to hold out as super middleweight against the flat tax in 2009 in Germany. More precisely, we want to see if these funds are appropriate really as good against the flat tax and pension provision. Investment strategy of the rod, the concept sounds simple: “A simple question is at the beginning,” When you want to achieve your financial goal …? “.

It selects the year went to the example in pension and everything else take over the fund managers. Sounds good, however, means that the investment strategy, the individual Risk composition, the personal savings target, the planned withdrawals and all other requirements for the investment of funds on their own age, respectively, the retirement age will be compressed. Statistical averages dimension now the share of stock and bond funds. That is, for example, all now get 40 years in Germany the same investment. Uniform look for the most individual thing there is. Your age is now invested. If you are younger are more shares held in your account, you are over there are eg more government bonds.