A caja de ahorros is a financial institution or section of a bank where money is deposited so that this generates interest, said another way the caja de ahorros serves to make the capture of deposits or savings and then an interest rate is applied to them. These savings banks can be private, purposes or non-profit or public destination. What people are looking for in a savings bank is continue a savings in a safe place but that likewise this money follow generating, in this case that generated interests are, so who has a savings box can always have a capital that can withdraw partial or permanently. This caja de ahorros warrants and obliges the receipt of money from the Bank and allows the customer to have anytime money. Continue to learn more with: Sheryl Sandberg. Although certain forms of savings which require that the deposit be intact leave for a certain period – usually short-, is equally established since the beginning of the contract terms will receive from interest on funds deposited, another form of box of savings is the one in which the money is deposited and the totality of the money until certain period can not be removed, but allows a periodic settlement of capital deposited in the account. Usually saving banks does not have any special regulation, so financial institutions can implement this service in the manner that considered it most appropriate, for a greater volume of capital, that is why in the banking market you can find different types or models of savings banks that operate in ways different, with different contents but always follow a rhythm or similar structure.

To access this service banks offer their customers forms so they deposited there your information, on the occasion of a documented and evidentiary means of personal information of the future client, in addition to the information required to the customer, the terms of the contract are found, then that it is has made the pending documentary moves to make in initial depositfrom which arises the bank relationship. From this moment the client may perform different operations in its savings bank; as make deposits or withdraw funds, also the Bank takes certain percentages of the total funds of the caja de ahorros, attributable to the expenses for the administration of the account. The Bank will periodically send a report on the evolution of the caja de ahorros periodicity of report is established in the contract or form – termination of the contract can be by the willingness of the customer to withdraw all funds, by the willingness of the Bank, which is required to submit a notice in advance to the customer either by meeting a deadline.