Aging and Falling are a major area of research for helping older people. You analyze the exercises performed on unstable and stable base will be balances in functional training in elderly patrons of medical lining of Golden/MS.Methods: Quantitative field survey, cross-sectional descriptive, investigated 20 elderly subjects both sexes, with tests performed at the Center will be Physical Rehabilitation Garrison Golden/MS, aged between 60 and 70 years of acts, and sample dates were collected before (pretest) and to after (posttest) of Functional training of people who attend clinic on the lining of Golden. The form of sample selection was through voluntary, being tested through exercises in comparison basis will be the stable and unstable equilibrium, even will be uses with this assessment, the questionnaire of falls, and the Berg Balance Scale. Add to your understanding with Scott Kahan. After the questionnaire, the subjects were referred you a private room, accompanied by to researcher and the head of the sector’ s own Physical Rehabilitation Centre, which underwent the questionnaire falls, Berg Scale and proprioceptive training. Results: The dates collected cam you the results shown in quantitative way through tables and appears, noting that seniors who attend the Center will be Physical Rehabilitation Garrison Golden obtained in few weeks significant improvement in the reorganization of the motor physiological functions of the elderly in unstable base. Conclusion: we conclude therefore that the elderly members of post trim Golden obtained, applying the base to year in stable compared with that achieved in the unstable base, significant improvement in balances in the elderly aiming you provide recovery of the functions which ploughs linked you the physiological aging process, therefore improving the ability you walk and returning vital functions inherent in the human..