RIM manufacturer has launched a conceptual model of the new BlackBerry, which includes in addition to the features of a smartphone, a biometric ring that recognizes the emotional States of users and the vital States. This concept is undoubtedly literalism maximum of the idea of communicating emotions. The biometric system which has the new BlackBerry model works by reading our heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, etc, and translating that information in a particular emotional state. In terms of the technical specifications of this phone, worth noting its innovative and avant-garde design. By the same author: Zendesk. Its front is a touch screen. In turn, is a screen OLED transparent, it becomes opaque while it is in use. At the rear, keyboard, found with a few very particular, very small keys. It also has digital camera, capable of recording videos, as they already have most of the new models of smartphones that are manufacturing today. As for biometric recognition ability, BlackBerry Empathy has a ring, which comes in different sizes, which is located in one of fingers from which recognizes the vital values mentioned, and from which builds in emotion of the user pattern. Biometric recognition is a technology that is being very used and researched by specialists in home theater around the world, highlighting Spain among them all.