Philips, P& B was this same that Jose made The only amusement of the family, except of the electronics technician that had money the sufficient to go to the motel with the namorada one and to the cinema before or later and has films in the motel Laughs, that nor it needs to go to the cinema Laughs They are one in such a way suggestive, n not? Laughs! Jose left early Not with the amargurado heart But happy, since he had obtained, in part, to decide the problem of lack of work of the family He hisses, he would catch the only amusement of the family and would change in a machine, one ' ' pretinha' ' , thus he denies, it, he could make repairs, catch sewings This machine is of those old ones Of the time of the grandmother of Jose and it does not have necessity of electric light so that it functions It has a species of pedal, where the dressmaker can put into motion it: ' ' low foot pra, foot pra cima' ' thus, to turn the wheel that feeds of force mechanics needle Generating energy and sustenance to all, until pro au-au. Worse It did not have worse The youngest child could go to the house of the neighbor to see the drawings that as much likes, as: ' ' my beloved pnei' ' he denies, it could go to the house of the neighbors and attend novels of the 21:00 that as much feeds of podrido to all we! Until you, expensive readers () and of the sister to see the novels, a technician of electronics, nor if speak E, our protagonist, cachaa! The night falls, after a vespertine twilight, where the mercury sun behind goes if resting duma green mountain Of the sawed one Of Brazil, where it has good land! Where it has everything that all human being always dreamed, also love The night falls! The day dies! The day is changed! The night falls The moon if becomes turns yellow, the sun sleeps, the stars if they become inspiration for poets and solitary, if they transform into compassing for that they are lost, in the anguish and the sea All are collected, the youngest child in a calm sleep, an infantile sleep, with sighs candies deny, it Sewing Sewing It on this day obtains to catch two consertos, of two skirts of the neighbors where it attends novels The electronics technician was there is speaking to the berros with the namorada one! Jose, attends everything! With a strange and scared smile in the lips, tomorrow it is day to go to the job hunting. Where?.