In accordance with decree 5626/2005 disciplines, it of Pounds, while it disciplines curricular, starts to be obligator in licenciatura courses. still in accordance with the same decree, ' ' The institutions of superior education must include the Pounds as education object, searches and extension ' ' What it favors the use and diffusion of this language and compactua with a proposal of bilingual education and a project of pertaining to school and social inclusion. ASSERTIONS AND SEARCH OF THE DATA: Assertions – the majority of () the pupils () of the pedagogia course who already act not yet in the regular school had had contact with deaf pupils therefore many of these is not enclosed; – The use of the Brazilian Language of Signals if has given sporadical and most of the time between listeners; – () The pupils () of the pedagogia course see value the inclusion of discipline DPE 462, Brazilian Language of Signals, in the grating of the course for believing that when will have enclosed deaf pupils could be useful, but they recognize that a semester is not enough to learn and later to use of this language in the context of the classroom. In intention to deepen the studies on the considered subject, this project was developed and based on the boarding of qualiquantitativa research. The qualitative boarding, according to OLIVEIRA, (2010), makes possible to catch the phenomenon in all its extension, being raised possible existing 0 variable and in its interaction true the meaning of the question. Making possible the collection of information and examination of each case and the construction of a general theoretical picture. Already the quantitative research allows to establish relations of cause and effect, to measure and to examine hypotheses. Therefore the research in a qualiquantitativa boarding was presented as most appropriate to investigate and to understand the subject that considered. .