Thus the most possible creation desregionalizava at the same time that a national and geographic ethnic concept obtained the merit to conceive Brazil literarily as homogeneous entity =. (LOPEZ, 1974, P. 89). It indicated the importance given for it to the necessity well to use itself says Brazilian to it in cultured level to consolidate the conquests to happen of this desregionalizao. For this citation its idea of that, to be Brazilian, would be to reach, for the ways of the unit, proportionate can be understood in the idea in addition of the man limited for geographic borders, a personality universalizada through language spoken, of vulgarisms regional, by means of which, searched carefully language of the written language would be identified by intermediary of the literary language Not it that advances the turtle steps, but of it speaks common day to day that are malleable and rich being, at the same time of one and all. 13 It is concluded from there that it hears a search of this unit, leaving of the parts to create all, for the legends that if occur.

Therefore, beyond describing myths, it, in an immense irony invents, them as, for example, when the holy ghost of the creation in the myth of the legend of the automobile invests of the power; Andrade (2000, P. 124) ‘ ‘ – Knot time of Dante, young men, the automobile was not machine that nor today not, was medium brown ounce. If called Palau’ ‘ , or of the origin of the carrapato; Andrade; (2000, P. 121) ‘ ‘ carrapato already was people that nor we one made’ ‘.