Although autumn has just begun, and before the winter is still plenty of time, need to be concerned yet about such a problem as removing snow. And take care of it costs in advance. One of the oldest methods of snow removal, which is used up to now, is to use a shovel. But to call it an effective tool rather difficult, because the efficiency of such devices is small. For a more productive and efficient work, you need a more serious equipment – snowthrower. This unit will cope with snow drifts much faster and you spend much less time.

In this paper we consider two similar models snowthrower, their pros and cons. Snowthrower Craftsman 88185 and snowthrower mtd E 640 F snowplows – a great companion for as fresh and packed snow. When choosing snowthrower you should pay attention primarily on the technical characteristics device. They determine the extent to which functional machine, which is how effective. Snowthrower is a technique wheeled type. Work element – the bucket, which is located inside screws, grinding and moving snow masses.

Characteristics of Start's probably the first with power equipment. Craftsman snowthrower has a capacity of 8.5 watts. What's good for self-propelled snowthrower. Model of the firm mtd has identical Indicators – 8.5, respectively, to comment on it too. Both models have engines from manufacturers Briggs And Stratton, a leading manufacturer of engines for the instrument, the reliability of which there is no doubt. Width and height of the capture of both models models is approximately equal, with little deviation in favor of Craftsman. And while 5 inches will not bring obvious benefits, it's all the same criteria. Running both snowthrower is carried out using the electric starter. Weight devices differ from each other at 9 pounds. Craftsman heavier than mtd. Of course in reality you may not notice a significant difference, but it is an occasion to think about. only difference in price, Craftsman is cheaper at 3000. Conclusion As we see from the comparative analysis of the machines are almost identical. Only where there is a perceptible difference – price. It only remains to decide whether you need to spend 3,000 more if the only difference names. Although the objective was to learn more about the manufacturers, ask the advice of those who dealt with them, to accurately determine which option is best.