Management of radioactive end products with an international focus Berlin, 19.7.2012 – this year the plant in Berlin company BundesInvest was home to the gang in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The company specialized in consulting and sales of radioactive end products wants the proceeds to strengthen its capital and expand its technological edge by exploring new approaches for the disposal of radioactive waste. Founder and Chairman of the Board Dr. Igor Imanov has detected radioactive waste as a new commodity. Radioactive end products offer a unique life, thus they offer the future. In times of scarce and more expensive raw materials waste to one of the most sought-after goods of the world when the billions of profits can be generated.” The market for nuclear waste management grows ever more rapid technological progress. The average growth rate of 14.0-18.5% per year in the period from 2008 to 2012 is in the core markets of BundesInvest and this should rise.

Through the Expansion of the location Gdansk as a central Rotary and pivot for transporting radioactive BundesInvest predicts a huge competitive advantage over other companies. BundesInvest’s core business is the generation of innovative investment opportunities through trade in radioactive waste products. As a trading and consultancy it specializes on the advice but also exploring new methods of recycling, as well as the storage and transport of contaminated nuclear waste. Another core competence is the implementation of logistical preparation. BundesInvest intensive research on specifically sustainable solutions and optimization of transportation routes is different from its competitors. At the moment is thinking about its own reprocessing plant, which is for 2015 in planning.

By using the PUREX process uranium can be up to 60 times more productive. For this purpose it needs”special large-scale plants really efficient used so far only in China, explains Dr. Imanov. At three locations, the company is in addition to his principal place of business representatives ready: London train in the Switzerland, as well as the representation in the port city of Gdansk, which is expanded as an international financial and trading centre, Baar in the canton of logistics centre of the company.