I know that people usually have about themselves completely distorted view. This applies especially to people who, imagining that hide their talents, in fact, reveal themselves throughout the work. We have a lifetime spend in the quest. And how pathetic and limited our understanding of this excitement has taught us, perhaps, no worse than the walls of the university. In the heat of hopelessness lies, which everyone knows the risks.

For a business, as in life, we often misses the point because that can linger at a crucial moment. What time should be regarded as decisive? Greatness lies in the fact to determine it; defining the same to hold and stretch. But for most of us are span between the "I dream about, the future" and "oh, too late, all in the past," so infinitely small that it can not squeeze through. And we are always missing something, imagining that still have time for this to come back. So gubyatsya company, gubyatsya whole lives because we have a delay or rush forward without looking back. Work and we were made for each other, and where this crossed relationship, meets a human life.

Only a mirror and gives us the right image. Never late start, we sometimes regret that did not keep a diary. The human ability to forget is truly boundless. And it would have been undeniably valuable monument. Profits and the ability to keep a steady income, the ability not everyone, but in basically our most irreplaceable wealth has rotted in the growth process.