The work of the fonoaudiologia in the Basic Units of Health especially in the Program Health of the Family, presents an effective growth, however, still has much space to be conquered in terms of Health Publishes. Therefore our Objectives had been: to analyze the level of knowledge of the Secretaries of Health on the performance of the Fonoaudilogo in the Only System of Health. To verify which to the areas of performance of the Fonoaudiologia more they had been related by the secretaries. To verify the participation of the Fonoaudiologia in the Teams Health of the Family of these cities. To investigate if in the implantation of the Nucleus of Support the Health of the Family of the respective cities, if the fonoaudilogo professional will go to be inserted. ESTIMATED METODOLGICOS The research was developed in the NIS/Secretrias de Sade of the cities that are part of 15 Regional of Health.

It was constituted by a sample of thirty pertaining secretaries of health to the cities of 15 Regional of Health (Angle, Astorga, Atalaia, Colorado, Camargo Doctor, Flora, Forest, Flrida, Iguarau, Itaguaj, Itamb, Ivatuba, Lobato, Mandaguau, Mandaguari, Marialva, Maring, Munhoz de Mello, Ours Lady of the Favours, New Hope, Ourizona, Paiandu, Paranacity, President Castello Branco, F Saint, Saint Ines, Incio Saint, Are Jorge of the Iva, Sarandi and Uniflor). Additional information is available at Encompass Health. This number of cities was predetermined for the researchers to characterize all the sample of the cities that are part of 15 Regional of Health enclosing a population of approximately 800 a thousand inhabitants. It was necessary for the collection of data of this research, that all the Secretaries of Health are in accordance with the study and thus to sign the term of free and clarified assent and answer personally to the questionnaire, saw email or telephone. The first step for the effective accomplishment of this work was to enter in contact with the Secretariat of Health or Nucleus Integrated to the Health of the Cities for possible agendamento of the interview with the Secretary of Health, in the cases where it did not have availability on the part of the professionals the questionnaire was applied way email or telephone.