Exactly the solution that the customer needs format-4 offers customized CNC solutions for individual requirements and follows as the business principle: the customer exactly the machine to offer, that he just needed. The simulation of customer operations in a format 4-Technology Center enables an optimal needs analysis for precise machine concepts. From the compact Korpusfertigungs-CNC c express 920 over the space-saving nesting CNC profit H08 until down to the 5-axis CNC profit H50 format-4 has always the best solution for efficient furniture, window and door manufacturing. Numerous equipment packages, Konsolensteuerungs variations and sizes to complement the large range. The customer is best prepared for all challenges the perfect woodworking with a perfectly coordinated complete package from perfect advice, individual machine configuration and specially developed software as well as delivery, installation and service. The premium brand of the fields group meets the highest expectations since 2001 professional craft, commercial and industrial users. True to to offer everything from one hand the guiding principle, the fields group developed CNC machines in combination with the appropriate software for Professional woodworking of class.

Machine and software from a single source for the optimization of productivity and efficiency must harmonize perfectly machine and software, many interfaces by various vendors often complicate this interaction. With the all-out of-hand solutions by format-4 programming becomes child’s play: with the intuitive programs WoofFlash, Flash3D and FlashFrame manages the planning, programming and implementation of furniture, Windows or doors in the blink of an eye. The tried and tested for many years and developed in the home fields software solutions offer rapid programming and high automation options, a variety of Nestinganwendungen, as well as bar-code links for networked workshops for easy and efficient programming. Neuc-express 920 no more half measures corner joints and Rows of holes in body parts are always a challenge to traditional drills.