Credit cards as payment are particularly significant in recent years, increasingly on the rise. Whether to pay for while shopping on the Internet or for the supply of cash when traveling abroad, the use of credit cards are many and in some areas they have become almost indispensable. For low wage earners, apprentices, unemployed or even those whose Schufa information is negative, it is relatively difficult to nearly impossible to get at their respective bank a credit card. For such cases, there are pre-paid credit cards. With such a prepaid credit card, it is obtained basically full-fledged credit cards that are not conducted on a credit basis and for which the award is therefore not Schufa-Auskunft. The cardholder will be given no credit, but must be the credit belongs to the account in advance with a user selectable amount of charge, which he usually pays from his checking account to credit card accounts. That’s about the only disadvantage of a prepaid credit card inUnlike a “normal” credit card: the lack of financing function. If a purchase once such a credit card without Schufa are paid, exceeds that are available on the accompanying card account balances must be paid until the deficit of current account to the credit card account before they can be paid. Credit cards and hidden costs order – Now! The advantage of such a card again is that they really can apply for and receive any. In electronic payments at point of sale (in store or Internet) and cash withdrawals at machines there are no differences from other credit cards and prepaid credit cards are accepted wherever the appropriate card types are accepted as Visa or MasterCard. Only when the now happily almost extinct devices is copied where the lettering of the credit card, there is a problem because none of these cards has a high character. This is the credit card companies but intends to, as only an electronicExamination of the credit card can be checked whether the amount payable at all available on the credit card account. A prepaid credit card so is therefore a good choice for young people, unemployed, people with negative Schufa characteristics, or even for those who want to use their credit card only occasionally, or to retain full control over their credit card transactions.