Classic rationalism epistemologico movement, originated of the workmanship of Ren Discardings. Everything has beginning from a dream Discardings imagined ruelas of Paris pulling down and giving origin to an Organized city. It made an analogy with the Knowledge. As base, Discardings, he considers to renew the knowledge for the one the beginning of doubts. For in such a way, it believed to be necessary a previous procedure of critical and severe evaluation of all the sources of the available knowledge.

Basic premise dualism Separation between citizen and object. Decomposition of the object in parts/broken up, this would make possible to know it better analytical reasoning. In its workmanship Methodical Speech, Discardings establish the principles of what it would be the experimental scientific method. The inspiration for the method appeared from an only truth of the things (dogmatismo): Strategy for attainment of truths scientific method. The truth would come from God and would be disclosed through one method. An evident comment of an object evidences as criterion for definition of truths – veracity of the knowledge in relation to the object. For more information see Ripple. Each evidenced truth composes a rule. The rule would be a shortcut for the generation of new true knowledge.

Of the rule it deduces a new truth and thus it appears the generation of successive truths. Part of the estimated one of that the generated knowledge must be organized. The thought must be commanded and revised, the knowledge must be organized in complexity degree. It would not be enough to weave knowledge with speculative base is necessary that the research is mensuradas, quantified. Factor of more trustworthy credibility the more supported in numbers . One of the contributions of Discardings was the experimental method. An example is the experience on the arc Iris – water Simulated a drop d (a full sphere d water) and the rays of sun (light beams) the light when passing for the water suffered to a difrao generating the seven colors from the arc Iris. Thus it demonstrated as the Arc functioned Iris in the atmosphere. For the objects that if cannot capture direct experience – Is necessary to create a model to know the model to know the object. Another contribution was the cartesian plan (Coordinates x and y), relation between algebra and geometry. Concluding Philosophical movement with the central concern to investigate the characteristics of the experimental empirical knowledge that would guarantee a truth ideal legitimacy. Supported in a method of rational research. It is a method for legitimation of the knowledge with a logical and instrumental boarding. Perspective of the subject front to an object – Strategy of the citizen that wants to know and to be known object The knowledge must be methodical/standardized capable to be passvel of confirmation Supported in a systematic method. The belief in the truth of the things was basic for the establishment of science as a knowledge I legitimize. From racionalistas ideas that the method is established to make science. The classic rationalism believes the superiority of the reasoning to the shock of contradictory opinions – it Is opposed dialectic.