Information about the toner consumption and general tips for economical printing how works the counter in a chip in the cartridge? How can I reduce toner consumption? And many other tips and tricks for proper spenders! Hardly printed and your toner cartridge is empty again? Here we have put together for you some savings tips and general information in relation to consumption of toner for laser printers: the printer uses all colors at each calibration or when you restart the printer, therefore should be rather turned on the printer. Even in the on-State, the printer periodically calibrated to check the toner status. This toner is consumed again. In S/W printing you should switch to extra in the printer settings on S/W printing (grayscale), otherwise the printer adds the other colors independently. Yellow toner with consumed at each individual expression, to bring the manufacturer mark on the paper. These marks are difficult to see with the naked eye and serve a subsequent identification (corresponds to the Agreement between printer manufacturers and “Intelligence” worldwide).

In General, more toner is consumed when to process individual print jobs as opposed to jobs that consist of multiple pages. As well as all popular colours, are so-called mixed. This means that, if you are printing for example something in green, both cyan and yellow (usually magenta) in a specific ratio to the paper come and consumes all affected colors accordingly thereby are settled. When calculating the number of printed pages all manufacturers assume 5% ink coverage per A4 sheet one. This means that once a picture or graphics with more than 5% coverage be printed, the pages are more individually billed, but percentage.

In practice, it looks like this: two pages are printed per sheet images with E.g. 10% coverage, will be charged per print. This information will then be stored on the chip. Ever after, with which cover print, the expected amount shall Pressure capacity indicated per cartridge. Example: printing capacity a toner cartridges is located at 1000 pages you print the first 5 pages with a 10% coverage. Theoretically, the printer status should show only 490 prints are possible with this cartridge overall because he assumes that even the subsequent prints with the same cover are printed. In the course of time, these values are recalculated every time and updated. This calculation is true only in theory, because the updates are performed at regular intervals. Thus, it is quite possible that the displayed toner level decreases “leaps and bounds”. In addition the fact that the most toner cartridges with a fill level sensor are equipped. This determines how much toner powder is actually still in the cartridge or this quantity is sufficient for how many printouts and reports the current status at the calibration to the competent chip. The capacity of the chip alone mathematically calculated, is thus updated and in the display adapted. farbtoner.