The coverage only occurs with the death of the insured, so that the obligation of compensation depends on the verification of death, real or perceived. According to Law No. 1883 of Insurance, life insurance is those which cover the risks of natural persons. In legislating life insurance, not sure of the death itself, but when this could occur. Certain legislation establishes the viability of life insurance in cases of survival, or more clearly, annuity payment after fulfilling certain age and the payment of a certain predetermined amount stipulated. Life policies are inempuxnables after two years. Before you pay only their share of compensation mathematics according to the time covered, if the accident had occurred due to suicide. (Art.

1138, 1139) 2. Insurance of things. – In this matter, the insurance coverage through the hiring of a policy, may refer only to elements of order goods or assets. In this we have: i, Insurance damages (art. 1044) According to the Commercial Code, may be damage insurance, all risks, directly or indirectly affect the property or property of a person, provided insurable interest shown there in the hope that the incident does not happen, to have this people a legitimate economic interest. The insurable interest must be capable of estimation in money. In another common characteristic is that they tend to financial compensation referred directly to damage. Insurance against damage eg by riots, strikes, malicious damage, robbery, theft, robbery, broken glass, explosion of boilers, machinery breakdown, etc. i, Insurance of goods as such or interest on the thing.