Groups as they evolve begin to show certain characteristics. Let’s take a look at one of them. Objective common is what defines the group. They represent the results that are expected, are late to reach, quantitatively established and determined to occur after a specific time. More info: Larry Ellison. It will be the main engine around which coordinates the functioning and the structure of the group.The role of the goals being decisive, it is important to highlight a number of features which must possess to fulfill its mission more effectively. The objectives must be:-clear: each objective must be to well specified its content and media, ways and deadlines for their achievement. -Operating: They must be formulated in precise terms and be suitable as well as allow to know what has been achieved in every moment, in relation to what is to be achieved. -Manifestos: Have to be explicitly recognised by all members of the group. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Phil Vasan.

The existence of hidden goals can create problems. -Participatory: In the preparation of the objectives should collaborate all the components of the group, since the greater the degree of involvement, more personal commitment will exist in relation to activities aimed at achieving them and greater satisfaction of its members. -Unitary: specific objectives must be formulated to meet the specific needs of the Group and should be compatible with each other. It will be essential to establish the goals and objectives taking into account the motivation and needs of all members of the group, to avoid incompatibilities that exist between individual objectives and those of the group. The goal of the Group should not be conceived as the sum of the goals of each Member.Raven and Rietsema made a series of hypothesis after his studies:-how much clearer is the situation of the Group greater is the force with which the members are attracted to activities that lead to the common goal, less hostile feelings arise between members of the Group and more positively the group members appreciate their work.