This summary was created with the aim of expressing the importance of culture as communication and vice versa. Culture is a process that builds upon the interaction that enables man to build a society and the definition of the conditions necessary for life, then to the media today, are an important part culture and expansion. That is why in our time can not think or understand the communication if it is not part of the culture. Since each of these parties only communicate and express the culture of which we belong. From there comes a sentence which fails to explain the issue to be addressed: As awareness of the culture if we men can not reach each other.

The functioning of human societies is made possible through communication. Therefore it is impossible to talk about communication and communication processes where no one speaks of culture and vice versa, as has always been a communicative phenomena as part of a given culture. Communication and Culture and the major study behind them occupy a wide range of research that currently prevail until it contains no numbers of scans ranging from national policies to Latin American telenovelas. Speaking of completely generalized terms about communication and culture is very easy to convert these two conjunctions ambiguous terms, therefore it is more difficult to find which of the two is everything, or that is more complicated compared with the other . After my critical reading and trying to fully analyze such a complicated issue, I discovered something very important in this document to be a problem that affects us often, so try to be as clear as possible, starting with the basics: Our culture forged us-individuals, which we will gradually unfolding it through its various communications and media trends, habits, ideologies, and ways of life that we take the difference between a being from another, but how to know that what we are told is right, or how to recognize who reports any information? Here we come to the meeting point of our reading which establishes the hierarchy of the communicator and the communications expert.