Introduction Playful and Infancy is subjects sufficiently argued and that they generate some conflicts of idea and opinion, mainly the what concerns the infantile education, therefore, the two will be argued in the environment of the infantile education, to ahead understand the reading of the professors of the proposal. Being thus, the objectives of this work will be beyond investigating as this being seen in the infantile education the valuation of infancy and that importance has the playful one in this context, also of referring analysis to the agreement of the ludicidade the front to the professors. One perceives that it is basic that if it looks information and that if it can search on this subject, therefore to each day if they present different concepts and information as well as opinions, exactly that for many parents and educators this does not modify in nothing its work. In accordance with Kramer: She is necessary that the professionals of infantile education have access to the knowledge produced in the area of the infantile education and the culture in generality, to rethink its practical, if to reconstruct while citizens and to act while citizens of the knowledge production. so that they can, more than what ' ' implantar' ' resumes or ' ' aplicar' ' proposals to the reality of the day-care center/daily pay-school where they act, effectively to participate of its conception, construction and consolidation. (apud ARROYO, 1994 p.19). As if he can perceive is necessary that the professors are in constant search for the construction and also consolidation of a proposal of coherent work with the reality of its pupils, as well as taking care of the necessities of each one. 2 – INFANTILE EDUCATION: THE VALUATION AND IMPORTANCE PLAYFUL OF INFANCY. 2.1 – Conception of Infancy: Currently, what it is infancy? Where they are the children? One perceives that the children of today, are to each day moving, are not more as of some years behind, that they did not know of the subjects treated for the adults, could not go to any place, and when they could leave, they were folloied by adults and in only infantile programs and of day.