Readers. Brazil is strong, is with a new government and the hopes are many, to put the government anger to make what to give to be fact, Brazil has a great probability to give certain because we are with a great international visibility according to specialized magazines and periodicals. As the Development and Conference United Nations on Commerce (Unctad), Brazil is the third country in the priority of the destined capital the investments of the companies only is below of China and India. All this euphoria is justified, therefore the European markets are mature markets that do not grow, its population this aging and ally to this countries as Greece, Italy and Spain among others are in crisis and will demand on the part of the government of these countries cuts of investments, the foreign capitals will have that to look countries with emergent markets as ours, where the job this in high and the average income of the population comes growing, only one data to confirm this trend before age FHC the poor persons was 35% of population and today according to ONU only 8% of the Brazilian population is considered poor. Because we have the biggest possibilities to give certain between the countries of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China)? we 1.Temos a genetic supply riqussimo, Brazil is one of the few countries of the world that admits pair citizenship; we 2.Temos a good energy matrix (oil, ores and biomasses); we 3.Temos an only language, in India it exists 400 languages and dialects more than; 4.Somos a democracy, we have the STF with main the institucional function is to serve as guard of the Federal Constitution; 5.Somos capable to supply the demand for foods in great scales, the arable lands are in lathe more than 400 million hectares; 50m is only being used, according to Organization for Feeding and Agriculture of ONU (FAO), has greaters destined lands the pastures what it makes possible a bigger production of meat, therefore the people who live in the cities consume more meats. we 6.Temos water in abundance more than 8,000 billion cubical kilometers. Who will have fear of 2011 to continue thinking negative, not if to recycle and to learn new things arrived the hour to invest more in the training of people and development of new technologies to be apt to compete in the domestic market and external or even though making partnerships with foreign investors because a thing is certain, the investments will come and for this she is necessary qualified people and technology. We go to reflect on this!