Robbie Williams and Conny Cramer. Also a topic of a developer meeting in Kaiserslautern was Conny Cramer and the descent of a quack journalist. Also a topic of a developer meeting in Kaiserslautern was Conny Cramer and the descent of a quack journalist. You only their need many press reports on their own page: to see cc-news-service (Conny Cramer). She called everyone she attacking in their mails first Nazi pig, then Conny Cramer is much ausfalliger! It’s called also stalking and throughout Germany knows Conny Cramer! For many weeks/months, Conny Cramer sends authors, Bundestag deputies, health authorities, police, radio and television, etc., almost daily confused mails. The content: Dealing with Nazis and Robbie Williams repeatedly at the end of the mails Taliban. In her last email she sent Additionally naked photos of the pop singer of Robbie Williams. Certainly she had all laughs on their side and one must seriously ask: how sick is the Lady Dusseldorf now really? In each of this mail, the Robbie Williams frenzy of Conny Cramer comes to days and you wonder when she again will be given by a judge in the insane asylum.

Let us hope Conny tells us then again even by their instruction that has ever done it like it. Source:: businessportal24-Conny Cramer you from many press portals already thrown out and has a private press founded in these reasons (the provider is in America). The authors Poth/dog / contactor already informed about the topics: Stalkin and schizophrenia unfortunately do not see their wrong often this stalker, because there are mentally ill people. Since March 31, 2007, the adjustment is provided by 238 punishable StGB. Schizophrenia has nothing to do with a split personality. The symptoms of this disease to a certain extent depend on the personality and the symptoms are very variable and can change often during the day. Frequently experience auditory hallucinations and the approximately 80% of schizophrenic Psychosis patients hear voices.

These voices can occur suddenly of sentences that say to people. For example, an affected Party believes to be observed or abducted by aliens or ghosts. He suffers often to paranoia or neighbors, friends, family or others to harm him. These symptoms increase with increasing disease duration. These lead to contact problems and social withdrawal. We authors thank publicly when Conny Cramer through their (if also wrong) press reports very diligently makes advertising.