It used the hypnosis to make with that the patient reproduced the last experiences. However, as it is known, Freud changes to the hypnosis for the free technique of association (FADIMAN & FRAGER, 2004). With the concept of Unconscious, Freud goes of meeting to a great resistance of the intellectuality and the intelligence of time, heiress of a racionalista conception of the man as unitary one to be identified with the conscience and to be dominated by the reason. The psychoanalysis operates a clivagem in the subjectivity, not placing the question of the citizen of the truth, but of the truth of the citizen. Without hesitation Foundation for Financial Planning explained all about the problem. It divides the subjectivity human being in two systems? unconscious and the Conscientious one? that is dominated by an internal fight. Freud is dislocated from the ideals of the Illustration, having gone to be interested itself for the phenomena of the affective life that presented difficulties of conceptual establishment.

It starts to investigate the pulsionais aspects, the obscure forces that move the human being, in way that the rationality was not taken root deeply, being only one layer of surface, a varnish, and that it does not have the reins on the human behavior. The world, thought rationally, was slippery and it did not offer explanations for certain phenomena (GARCIA-ROZA, 2007). With the psychoanalysis and the theory of the Unconscious one, Freud carries through the third great wound to the human narcissism. The first wound was made centuries before for Coprnico with the heliocntrica theory, decentralizing the planet Land, where the man inhabits, of the center of the Cosmos. The second wound was carried through by Darwin, that takes off the man of the Sir platform and center of the creation, for which everything was fact, a detached species only e, and affirms that the man is a superior species that is proceeding from inferior forms of the animal life.