Employs the ramps efficiently, using known measures and technique specific, without presenting serious drawbacks such as: constitute a risk to the personal safety of builders, be too costly; no set of clear, simple and suitable to the conditions of those times, a reliable technical procedure guaranteeing the construction process. In turn, it allows discourage thinking about resorting to methods or procedures such as supernatural or extraterrestrial character. Forms a model safe and reliable that serves as a fundamental tool in the design and construction of the pyramid, allowing plan in the same exact way, calculate the construction time, the amount of resources, personnel and necessary technical elements. This hypothesis carries implicitly the possibility that the Pharaoh had a safe technique that would allow him to take the decision to build the pyramid. This hypothesis, validate from the historical point of view, recasts the enigma of the construction of the pyramid orienting the unknown of the investigative approach aimed to discover how it was calculated and designed the pyramid and how were drawn up, placed and built all their parts and sections. This work does not rule out the possibility of the use of other techniques expressed previously that could serve as a complementary, because they could be applied to perform unique maneuvers or transporting specific items such as huge pieces. In addition, it is aimed at facilitating a study and understanding of the architecture of the ancient Egypt. In part, a recognition of the development is, socio-cultural reached by the ancient Egyptians. Is the drive motor of this labour based to the extent possible, a hypothesis of character most reasonable and closest possible technical conditions and socio- cultural that existed at that time. In this way are raised this hypothesis ramps; which at first sight may be ineffective due to the small thing that seem to with regard to the dimensions of the pyramid; but little by little, using them systematically, providing a fairly consistent and satisfactory solution regarding the dilemma of the technique used to elevate parts, making it possible to use these ramps in the construction of a pyramid with the complexity and size you need, as we shall see later.